Daily Online Examiner Editions for May 2015
Daily Online Examiner - Friday, May 29, 2015
Facebook 'Likes' And Pinterest Photos Can Be Endorsements, FTC Says
Hotels Adjust Prices Based on Their Social Media Reputation
With Home Address Identification, Reveelz Takes Targeting Too Far
Verizon Wants 'Supercookie' Case Sent To Arbitration
Useful Vs. Creepy: The Jury Is Still Out
Photographer Sells Other People's Instagrams -- For $90,000
Why Washington Loves, Loves, Loves Netflix
Time Inc. Rolls Out 'Paid Content,' EW.com First To Make Transition From Totally Free
Some Gawkers Staffers Not Sold On Unionization
IRS Tax Platform Hacked
Sprint CEO Says Unlimited Data Won't Be Around Forever
Gmail Has 900 Million Users
Government Polls Automakers On Cybersecurity
Daily Online Examiner - Thursday, May 28, 2015
AT&T Opposes Net Neutrality Conditions On Merger
'Net Neutrality' Added To Dictionary
The Apple Not-So-Smart Watch: Do I Own It, Or Does It Own Me?
Minnesota Court Nixes 'Criminal Defamation' Law
Consumers Share Log-Ins For OTT Services, Slice Into Revenue
Tech Companies, App Developers Oppose FTC's Privacy Settlement With Nomi
Google Releases Ad Targeting AdMob Tools
Twitter Debuts Audience Insights To Aid Advertisers
Jawbone Sues Fitbit Ahead Of Rival's IPO
British Prosecutors Go After Motorists Using Phone To Video Crash Scene
Daily Online Examiner - Wednesday, May 27, 2015
Yahoo Must Face Privacy Class-Action For Scanning Emails
AT&T Seeks Immediate Appeal In Throttling Battle
Data-Driven Spending Grows Despite Tempered Expectations
German Privacy Watchdog Convinces Five Companies To Remove 'Like' Button
FCC Chairman Wants To Close Text-Spam Loopholes
Bing Images Adds 'How Old' Feature
Security Flaw Seen in Apple Watch
Cuomo Drops Email Purge Policy
Start-ups See Rise In Female Founders
Social Media Linked to Binge Drinking
Get This Crap Off My Phone: We Are Screwing Up The Mobile Experience
Daily Online Examiner - Tuesday, May 26, 2015
Most People Don't Understand 'AdChoices' Icon
Carpet Bombing: When Trademarks Do Harm
Charter-Time Warner Deal Threatens Web Video, Advocates Warn
Israeli Startup Develops Foolproof Ad Addressability, Uses Your Actual Address
TiVo Wants To Develop New Streaming Video Service
Cox Ordered To Identify 250 Suspected Music Downloaders
The Connection Between SEO And Server Log Analysis
Charter Buys Time Warner Cable, Consolidates Its Cable Power
Google's Smart Teddy Bear Patent
So What? NYT's Paul Krugman's Dim View of Digital's Economic Benefits
Bank of England Uncovers Secret Investigation With Email Slip Up
Mobile Rising, But Desktop Isn't Declining
Daily Online Examiner - Friday, May 22, 2015
Delaying Net Neutrality Rules Threatens 'Edge Economy,' FCC Says
Charter Communications May Have Exposed Subscribers' Personal Information
RetailMeNot Accuses Mary Kay Of Trying To Suppress Free Speech
Florida Enacts Anti-Piracy Law Backed By Record Labels
Mobile Commerce Fraud Focus Decreases, Says Study
Lotame Eyes APAC Marketers, Adds Eyeota Data To Platform
News Site Takes Down Sony's Contract With Spotify
Twitter Investor Sacco Preps Critique
National TV Ad Dollars Dip, Digital Rises
Sharethrough Taps Nudge For Audience Attention Metrics
Maybe Before Its Next Big Buy, Comcast Will Make Happier Customers
Google Losing To Facebook In Mid-America Small Towns
Daily Online Examiner - Thursday, May 21, 2015
FCC Warns Broadband Providers To Follow 'Core Tenets' Of Privacy Protections
New Tool Lets Users Police Net Neutrality Violations
Predictions: What Facebook's Foray into Publishing Means for Advertisers
Troll Uses Promoted Tweets To Harass Transgender Users
Ad Injection Could Be The New Ad Fraud
Mozilla To Let Advertisers Target Firefox Users Based On Browsing History
Comcast Ends Dispute With Transit Provider Level 3
Cable Versus Broadcast: One Step Forward, One Step Back?
Magnetic Acquires MyBuys, Raises $25 Million Equity Round
Lawsuits Are Springing Up Over After Work Email Obligations
'USA Today' May Scrap Daily Print Edition
Obama To Nominate Rosenworcel To Second FCC Term
Daily Online Examiner - Wednesday, May 20, 2015
Most People Doubt Web Companies Will Keep Data Private
Turn Asks Judge To Send 'Supercookie' Lawsuit To Arbitration
Franken Seeks Investigation Of Mobile Spying App
Adblock Plus Comes To Mobile
Lycos Puts Search, Ad Patents On The Block: Will Roll Out 'Hard Goods' Soon
PayPal Dinged $25 Million For Duping Consumers
Content May Be King, But Data Is The 'Hand'
Turn Adds DoubleVerify's Pre-Bid Data To Platform
Judge to Decide if RadioShack's Email List Can be Sold
Google Has Been Secretly Fighting Ad Fraud
Yahoo Stock Down As IRS Reconsiders Spinoff Rules
'Game Of Thrones' Sees Piracy Surge
Daily Online Examiner - Tuesday, May 19, 2015
CenturyLink Gets Partial Win In Latest Round Against Comcast
Tech Companies Warn Against Mandatory 'Backdoors' To Smartphone Data
Campbell-Ewald to Defend Use of Unsolicited Text Messages For U.S. Navy to The Supreme Court
NAI Issues Privacy Guidelines For Digital Fingerprinting, Other Non-Cookie Ad Technology
Judge Criticizes Colleagues For Waiting 15 Months To Nix Takedown Order
'Malware Score' Comes To Pixalate's RTB Seller Index; OpenX Tops Google
Facebook Facing Chorus Of Critics Over Internet.org
Illegal Streaming Nets $209M For Movie, TV Sites
Lifetime's 'Marilyn Monroe' Campaign Targets NYC Subway Riders With New OOH Technology
State Department Won't Release Hillary's Emails Until 2016
Retailers Can Take 6 Months to Detect a Data Breach
The Targeting Behind Nigerian Price Emails
Hillary Clinton Had a Second Secret Email Address
Daily Online Examiner - Monday, May 18, 2015
Google Prevails In Battle Over 'Innocence Of Muslims'
Judge Allows AT&T To Appeal Ruling In Throttling Battle
FTC Weighs In On Sale Of RadioShack Customer Lists
Backpage Wins Sex Trafficking Case
Most U.S. Homes Access Over The Top Web Video
OTT Providers May Be Missing Key Revenues
Former Facebook Europe Chief, Baroness Shields, To Oversee Online Security
New Platforms, Including BrightRoll, Plug Into Placed For In-Store Measurement
Kansas Governor Caught Using Personal Email Address For Official Business
BBC Faces Legal Challenge From Commercial Programme Makers
Will Snapchat Be Breakout App Of 2016 Presidential Campaign?
Euro Carriers Considering Nuclear Option: May 'Bomb' Mobile Ads
Mobile, Native And Social Will Help Brands Avoid Google vs. EU Telco Battle
Daily Online Examiner - Friday, May 15, 2015
North Carolina Sues For Right To Limit Broadband Networks
Democratic Senators Urge FCC To Preserve Tough Text-Spam Rules
Comcast Revamps Set-Top Data As NBCU Audience Platform
New 'Grooveshark' Hit With Lawsuit
'Six Strikes' Program Doesn't Work, Studios Say
Belgium Commission Accuses Facebook Of Privacy Negligence
BBB Privacy Punishment Could Help, Not Harm, Etsy And Others
Google's Self-Driving Cars Hit Mountain View Roads This Summer
USPS Warns of Spam Outbreak
Iris Recognition Added to Smartphone
Multichannel Video Providers See Uptick, Not Cord-Cutting
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