Marketing Daily Editions for September 2013
Marketing Daily - Monday, Sept. 16, 2013
Wal-Mart Takes A Slice Out Of The iPhone's Price
Enterprise National Campaign Has Mobility Message
Absolut Launches Global 'Transform Today' Campaign
Bottled Waters Back First Lady's 'Drink Up' Campaign
Nike, Burberry Among Rising Fashion Brands
Citi Hypes Double Points In New Work
Florida Looks To Fall For Tourism
With Abbott, Stronger Aussie Ads
Automakers Retreat From Fleet
Integrated Companies Spin Off Retail
Customer Service Should Rock
Popeyes Stages Twin-Cities Event
Little Big Blue, Come Blow Your Horn
Lifestyle Branding: That Isn't Enough, Either
Marketing Daily - Friday, Sept. 13, 2013
New Chevy Suburban, Tahoe SUVs Debut
Consumers Not Sold On Wearable Tech
Levi's Invites Us To 'Make Our Mark'
CBS, Yogurtland Create Creamy Promo
Mondelez Partners With Twitter On Real-Time Capabilities
Media Buying: As Easy As Pie?
It's Beginning To Sell A Lot Like Christmas
Marketing Daily - Thursday, Sept. 12, 2013
Aetna Takes A Stand For Health Cost Reform
Q&A: AT&T Executive Director of Diversity Marketing Laura Hernandez
Clean Diesel Tracking Well As Makers Raise Stakes
Kellogg Promotions Offer Free Kids' Books
Zippo Partners With Concert App
Special K Intros Coffee House Breakfast Shakes
Dante's Afro: The Hair Apparent
I'm Not Listening But I Hear You...
Marketing Lexicon: Full-Funnel Marketing
RIP: Marketing Innovators Cal Worthington, Robert R. Taylor
Marketing Daily - Wednesday, Sept. 11, 2013
PetSmart Rides On Tails Of Humanization
Lexus Races Real IS Hybrid On Virtual Track
Dunkin', Trident Air First Vine-Created TV Ads
People's United Glides Through Lives
Volkswagen Conquests New Character
Gevalia Launches Frothy, Cafe-Style Keurig K-Cup Beverages
The CMO-CIO Disconnect: Stronger Collaboration Drives Digital Success
The Fine Art of Navigating Client/Agency Dynamics
Apple's Challenge: Marketing A 'New Coat Of Paint'
Marketing Daily - Tuesday, Sept. 10, 2013
Mazda Consumers Get Keys To Company
Macy's Takes An Active Interest In Workout Clothes
Patron Launches 'Simply Perfect' TV Spots
Visa Plans To Make Fans' Dreams Come True
Automotive Shoppers Are Mobile Shoppers
3 Things Auto Brands Need To Know About Social Media Marketing
NBCU's Shell Game: Why TV Vet Was Named Studio Boss
Marketing Daily - Monday, Sept. 9, 2013
Range Rover Sport Climbs Pikes Peak
Carriers Command Consumer Loyalty
Gorilla Goes National With Animatronics
Brands Activate For Mega-Fight
Black Box Urges Fans to 'Lose The Bottle'
Branded Game Extends Snapple's Real Facts Campaign
Exclusive! Facebook's New Privacy Policy
Can JCPenney Use Back-to-School To Reclaim Its Safety Zone?
LG's Sudden Impact
Marketing Daily - Friday, Sept. 6, 2013
GoDaddy Bares Babe-less Repositioning
Audi Touts Diesel Lineup In New Campaign
Subway Crashes N.Y. Fashion Week
Bud Light Kicks Off NFL Effort
ANA: In-House Agencies Moving In-House
Marketers Fret Over Getting Better Video Onto Mobile
Tide Brings Back Marcus And Carmen For NFL Kickoff
Penney's Ends Deal With Martha Stewart
Weak Ad Biz Puts Yahoo COO On Hotplate
Apple Lines Up Big Brands For iTunes
New Honda Fit 'Critical'
Consumer Attitudes Toward Smart TV Ads
Engaging Consumers In A Multi-Screen World
Marketing Daily - Thursday, Sept. 5, 2013
Watching The Wrist Devices-On-Androids Wars
Insiders, Consumers Agree: Amazon Top Online Retailer
Northwestern Mutual Launches Heroes For A Cure
Latest Android Platform Takes Kit Kat's Name
Pay-TV Providers Lacking App Awareness
Covergirl Manicures NFL Team Colors
Detroit Strong: Trucks, Small Cars Drove August Sales
Zen & The Art Of Apple Maintenance
What Can Marketers Learn From Target's New Mobile App?
Always Be Measuring: The Role Of The 21st Century Marketer
Marketing Daily - Wednesday, Sept. 4, 2013
Ears Are Burning Over Elop's Return To Microsoft
Chick-fil-A Offers Free Breakfast, With Reservation
Gisele Audibles For H&M; Tom Silent For Uggs
Hyundai Hangs Genesis Spec-R On The Vine
Chem-Dry Partners With Breast Cancer Foundation
Bison Council Pushes Meat Acceptance
In Sandy's Wake, Brands Need Disaster Preparedness
Vehicle Loaning, Leasing Way Up
Dannon Oikos To Return To The Super Bowl
Switzer's Cabana Webcasts Over College Football
Datsun Lays Out 'Glocal' Strategy
NFL Concussion Deal Impacts Past, Present, Future
Six Flags Out To Build Tallest Swing
Victoria's Secret's Secrets
New Study Looks At Millennial Mindset
Wild Pitches, Autumn Edition
Valspar Paints A Brighter Future
Marketing Daily - Tuesday, Sept. 3, 2013
Microsoft Acquires Nokia's Phone Business
Spokescrumbs Tout Honda Odyssey, Get Vacuumed
Organic Personal Care Market Growing
Nissan Returns To The Heisman House
Eco-Eating Trends Gain Momentum
Traditional TV Viewing Registers Global Uptick
Dunkin Donuts' Thai Campaign Controversy
IBM, USTA Compute 4-Year Relationship Extension
Cadillac To Expand Performance Line
NFL, Lenovo Alliance Brings Fantasy To Forefront
Ads Help Make Life Sweet At Hershey
The Top 25 Most Influential Ads For Nike
The Most 'Shameless' Product Placements Ever
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