• Mobile Shoppers & the World of Passive Data
    While there have been numerous recent surveys around holiday shopping focused on the role of mobile in the shopping process, most generally involve asking shoppers a series of questions. But with mobile technological advancements, researchers are gaining capabilities to gather information outside the traditional Q &A approach providing additional and sometimes interesting and useful insights.
  • 77% of Shoppers OK with Sharing Location for Targeting, IF...
    As mobile technology for in-store shopper targeting becomes more refined, the question of consumer acceptance looms large. The obvious issue is that just because a shopper with a phone can be targeted technologically doesn't necessarily mean they should be.
  • 61% Have Bought via Mobile, 54% Have 'Showroomed'
    If anyone had any doubts about the impact of mobile on shopping, many of the recent research findings should put those doubts to rest. We saw blowout mobile activity around Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday and everything in between and since.
  • 36% Find Mobile Shopping Same as Online; 35% Worse
    Countless holiday shopping surveys relating to mobile sales primarily focus on the actual transaction stage of the shopping process. While these are good indicators of some of the mobile activity related to shopping, they don't always provide the entire picture. A new study now provides insight into the actual satisfaction level of mobile shoppers.
  • More Shoppers Enter Stores, More Leave Sooner
    In case anyone missed it, mobile shoppers have been out in full force this holiday season. Now we have some actual measurements of just how many people have been out shopping with some insights about their actual shopping patterns based on tracking of their phone locations and movements.
  • Mobile Spending Moves to Bigger-Ticket Items
    People may be spending more by mobile, although slightly less of them seem to be doing it. While the number of mobile purchases is falling, the value of individual purchases is going up.
  • Seeing Beyond the Mobile Transaction
    Some retailers may be missing the grander picture around mobile commerce. The model comprises an entire mobile process rather than simply an in-store transaction.
  • Mobile Payments & the Why to Pay vs. the How to Pay
    While mobile payment methods continue to proliferate, many consumers are, on their own, figuring how to spend money through a mobile device. It may turn out that spending money from your phone may be less about using new payment methods and more about what the payment is for.
  • Tablets & Serving Restaurant Customers at 100,000 Tables
    More mobile technology is going to be on the table. Actually, on about 100,000 tables at the world's largest casual dining chain of restaurants. The question for consumers is the comfort level of using mobile technology provided or using their own devices.
  • Mobile Shoppers & the Halfway Point
    The impact of mobile on holiday shopping continues globally and new research continues to show how many consumers are turning to mobile devices for shopping. And it looks like many shoppers haven't even started their shopping yet.
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