• Mobile In-Store Shopping: It's a Process
    The influence of mobile on shopping behavior continues to become clearer every day. No matter the geography, smartphones and tablets are having a profound impact on how people act while in a store or deciding to make a purchase.
  • Mobile Grocery Shoppers: 'Save Me Time & Money'
    Mobile savvy shoppers seem to know what they do and don't want in their shopping experience. They want mobile technology that makes them faster and more efficient, based on a new study.
  • Mobile Coupons: Banking on It
    When it comes to how consumers perceive coupon programs, banks may have an edge. While bank-sponsored mobile and digital coupon programs may be relatively new, banks hold an advantage in trust over retailers, based on a new study.
  • Forcing vs. Facilitating Mobile Commerce
    Having a bit of time to kill while traveling through London's Heathrow Airport yesterday, I stumbled across what might be an interesting lesson for mobile payment aficionados. Many frequent international travelers likely have either seen or been through one of WHSmith's 600+ stores at airports, train stations and motorways.
  • $508 Billion Moving Through Mobile
    Discussions of mobile payments are everywhere. Now comes a new report projecting just how big that market will be this year, and it's not small.
  • Mobile Payments: Coming to a Store Near You
    Everyone seems to want to get in on the mobile payments action. While credit card companies continue to expand their various joint ventures around the globe, some retailers are eying how they might participate in the activity.
  • In-Store Shopping Time: 23 Minutes; Some Out in Fewer than 5
    If nothing else, the tracking of mobile phones in and around stores provides some interesting insights. For example, the percentage of people passing a store that walk in has increased from a year ago.
  • Mobile Shoppers & Getting a Better Deal Elsewhere
    While most people prefer to shop in stores, it may not take much to get them to leave. Studies consistently show that the majority of people prefer to make purchases in physical stores.
  • Smartphone Shoppers Taking Charge at Retail Websites
    Smartphone action at retailer websites is on the verge of taking over. The latest tracking index shows a steep rise in smartphone shopping activity at retail sites across the board.
  • The Mobile Consumer Journey: the View from London
    Mobile consumers are on a continuing journey as they shop. This point kept coming up during the course of numerous presentations and discussions at the MediaPost OMMA Mobile Europe conference in London yesterday.
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