• Mobile Shoppers Still Heading to the Stores
    All-the-time access to information has been helping reshape the shopping landscape, allowing mobile consumers to research before and even during their store visits. Some of those in-store shoppers use the brick and mortar facility for the touch-and-feel product experience and then buy online, AKA showrooming.
  • Mobile Commerce Spending Up 23%
    The numbers highlighting the growth of mobile commerce just keep coming in. First we saw Forrester's projections of total transactions from mobile devices reaching $293 billion by 2018, as I wrote about here yesterday.
  • Mobile Commerce & Life Around the Transaction
    The migration of online buying to mobile is not only growing but also headed to a dominant position. Based on a new forecast, the act of buying something online via mobile will be the majority (54%) way the action occurs within four years.
  • Mother's Day Mobile Shoppers: Little Room for Error
    Not all customers expect smooth sailing throughout the mobile shopping process. Consumers shopping for Mother's Day gifts were just about as likely to buy via mobile and online as in a store.
  • Mobile Shoppers: 25 Minutes in Store, Fewer Come Back
    Most mobile shoppers are spending more time in stores but not as many are going back. The percentage of shoppers who go into a store and leave relatively quickly is also on the rise, according to a new mobile tracking study.
  • Mobile Payments Meet Medical Marijuana
    Mobile payments may be going to pot. No. Literally. Perhaps it was high time that medical and recreational marijuana buying be enabled by smartphones.
  • Airline Apps & Catching Up with Mobile Commerce
    One of the most opportune places for mobile commerce is in certain aspects of travel. When the airlines first got into mobile, they generally mimicked what they were doing online, with the exception of any serious commerce capabilities. That was then.
  • Smartphone Shopping & the Move Away from Desktop
    The annual growth of mobile commerce continues as shopping activities migrate from desktops to mobile devices. A new mobile commerce index shows increased smartphone shopping activity from a year ago.
  • Digital Coupons & the Move to Mobile
    Digital coupons are moving to mobile in a big way. This year, more than 70% of U.S. adult digital coupon users will redeem a coupon or code on a mobile device for online or offline shopping, based on a new study.
  • Mobile Increases In-Store Shopping for 22%, Decreases for 19%
    Mobile is having a split effect on in-store shopping, causing some people to shop there more and some less. However, for most (59%) consumers, mobile has yet to change the amount of shopping they do in a brick and mortar store, according to new Gallup research.
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