Search Marketing Daily Editions for March 2013
Search Marketing Daily - Friday, March 15, 2013
Pricing Engine Integrates Search, Social, Display, eCommerce Media
Q1Media, AdExcite Merge To Create Powerhouse Video Ad Network
Facebook Details Ranking In Graph Search
Eight Ways To Prove To Google You're A 'True Merchant' May Start Bidding War For The Keywords
adMarketplace To Roll Out Geolocation Mobile Search Ad Targeting
SXSW Interactive: 8 Top Trends Of 2013
Danaher Steps Down As Digital Placed-Based Chief, Search For Successor Is On
Facebook's Search For Hashtags To Aggregate News?
With Google Reader, So Goes Millions Of Users
Nearly 4 Billion Minutes Of Video Ads Streamed In February
Google Sees Conversational Future For Search
PayPal Acquires Duff Research
Users Petition Google To Let "Reader" Live
Speed Wins: Users Favor Apps Over Mobile
Rubin Moves On From Android
Search Marketing Daily - Thursday, March 14, 2013
Can You See Me Now? Companies Ranking Highest In Search Visibility
Taco Bell Uses Digitas' Real-Time Marketing Strategy
Eight Ways To Prove To Google You're A 'True Merchant'
Microsoft Highlights Usage Across Device 'Pathways'
Google Targets Showroomers With Product Listing Ads
Ad Group Poised To Release Mobile Privacy Rules, Likely To Mirror Online's
Undertone Goes Over-The-Top, Taps Rovi Strategist As COO
Google Acquires DNNresearch For Image, Voice Expertise
Former comScore VP Joins eXelate As CMO
'Plural' Generation Presents Unique Challenges For Marketers
Google Splits Up Commerce, Mapping
How Tops Products Reduced Bounce Rates by 82%
Users Petition Google To Let "Reader" Live
How To Benchmark Paid-Search Campaigns
Digital Marketing Budgets On The Rise
Rubin Moves On From Android
Google Finally Introduces Mobile Shopping, PLAs
Most Influential Brands: Technology, Media
Branded Content is Key, But You Still Need to Market It
Search Marketing Daily - Wednesday, March 13, 2013
Google, Nielsen: Mobile Searches Trigger An Immediate Action Most Of The Time
Google Now Features Headed For Chrome
Tablets Top Smartphones For Branding Campaigns
FTC Updates Truth-In-Advertising Disclosures
Twitter, Pinterest Increase Focus On Real-Time Analytics
Google Acquires DNNresearch For Image, Voice Expertise
Shoppers Who Scan More Likely to Research for Purchase
How Seamless Searches Will Work
8 Source Code Tips For SEO Audits
Pinterest Introduces Analytics
Where Does The Time Go?
Mobile Searching vs. Finding
How Data Supports Customer Service To Improve ROI
Search Marketing Daily - Tuesday, March 12, 2013
The Impact That eBay, Amazon Have On Search Marketing CEO Exits, Data Services Expand
Sifting (And Searching) Through The Inspiration At SXSW
Twitter Loses Round In Firehose Lawsuit
It's The Audience, Stupid: Why Video Advertisers Should Follow Viewers, Not Formats
Conde Nast Rolls Out Digital Video Network
Mobile Payments in Search of Customers at SXSW
LinkedIn Launches SlideShare Ads
Google Close To Settling Street View Slipup
90% of College Students Use Mobile to Search for Deals
Reading Reviews Follows Searches
Search Marketers Should Consider Synonyms
Shoppers Who Scan More Likely to Research for Purchase
Automated Lead Generation Lacking On Brand Web Sites
Search Marketing Daily - Monday, March 11, 2013
Google Shopping Adds B2B Suppliers, Competes With Amazon Supply
DG Rebrands: Forms Online, TV Business Groups
How To Improve The Experience Before Consumers Turn Into Customers
Oreo's Real-Time Marketing Strategy Requires Entrepreneurial Spirit
Strategic Bidding On Niche Market Keywords
Search-Based Mobile Ad Targeting Up In 2012
How To Improve Links, Mentions
Google's Biggest Search-Related Technology Challenges
Google's Connected Shoe
Mobile Video Consumption Is Only Going To Grow
CEO Krantz Explains YP's Digital Transition
WWW Inventor Tim Berners-Lee's Vision For Collaboration
U.S. Ad Economy Expands For Third Consecutive Year: Big, Mid-Tail Advertisers Biggest Factors
Search Marketing Daily - Friday, March 8, 2013
On My Way To SXSW
Google Shows How Personal, Real-Time Ads Work
Facebook: More Ads, Not Less
Cisco, Intel Imagine Multi-Screen TV Advertising In Future
Google Says Authors Guild Lawsuit Could Shred Modern Card Catalog
Many Marketers Lacking Mobile Strategy
5 Steps for Omni-Channel Readiness
Vanity Searcher Loses Autocomplete Lawsuit Against Google
The Whole Story - Cross-Platform News
Guys Hate Shopping And These Brands Get It
Facebook Debuts More Photo-Centric News Feed
Hello, Amazon: Google Tests Same-Day Service
More Than Half Of Marketers Integrate Email With Social Media
Yahoo Pursuing "Significant" Acquisitions
Infographic Demonstrates Global Relationships Based On Email
PLAs Generated 193% YoY Revenue Growth
Minnesota Governor Cans Tax
Search Marketing Daily - Thursday, March 7, 2013
How Roundhouse Brings Xbox 'GOWJ' Characters To Life
Rumoured: YouTube To Go Up Against Spotify
Hello, Amazon: Google Tests Same-Day Service
Viewing The World Through Google-Colored Glass
In Search of Mobile Commerce at SXSW
Is Google Behind EU's $732M Microsoft Fine?
Yahoo Rewards Mayer For Turnaround
Consumers Favor Trad Online Vs. Social Media For Shopping Info
Oracle, Adobe Separately Build Out Collaborative Social Suites
Trulia's Recommendation Engine
RKG To Dig Deeper In Social
Search Engines Find Unpublished Drug Warnings
Google: What SERPs Look Like When Turning Off Personal Results
Search Marketing Daily - Wednesday, March 6, 2013
Mapping Google's Apps, How They Make Money
Facebook's Acquisition of Atlas Raises Questions About Ad Serving, Partnerships
Demystifying The Marketing Funnel: Lexicon
Real Data Shows Real Slowdown In Online Display, More Expansion In Total Media Buys
Paid Search: Finding The Value
Multiple Screens Force Ad Industry To Revamp Rich Media Ads
Touchstorm's 'Guide to Online Video' Is Its Own Subtle Calling Card
Email's Role In The User Experience
Marketers Ask 9th Circuit To Revive Class-Action Against Facebook
New In-App Ad Rules, Nielsen Debuts Mobile Brand Effect
News Sites Should Target Reward-Seekers To Boost Ad Revs
Google Prepping "Shopping Express" Service
Is Google Same-Day Shipping An Extension Of BufferBox?
Facebook To Launch News Feed Filters
EU Hits Microsoft With $732M Fine
comScore Releases Smartphone January Data
Search Marketing Daily - Tuesday, March 5, 2013
The Tax On Search
Search Marketing Shouldn't End At the Click
Poor Mobile App Performance Could Stifle Retail Sales
Media General Launches Advanced Digital Solutions
Mark Zuckerberg And The Voldemort Strategy
Marketers Still Grappling With Media Proliferation
Demystifying The Marketing Funnel: Lexicon
Yahoo Phases Out Its BlackBerry App
Google Wins Copyright Battle In Germany
Amazon Offers Mobile Ads To Developers In API
Google Prepping "Shopping Express" Service
Microsoft Still Trying To Crack Viral Code
Former Ad Exec Sues Yahoo
Microsoft Teaches Win 8 Developers About Ads
Google Joins NFC Forum Board
SEO: 27 Tips To Improve Content
Google: What You Can't See
How To Become A Data-Centric Organization
Search Marketing Daily - Monday, March 4, 2013
It's All Organic: Social, Paid, Optimization
Search Retargeting CPC Less Than Paid Search
Solving The Conflict Between User Experience, SEO
Google Dominates Mobile Sphere
Forbes U.S. List Shows Financial Divide Between Rich, Poor
Did Google Force Search Marketers To Rely More On Social?
How Many Apps Will Consumers Download This Year?
Germany Passes 'Google Tax' Law
Accountability Is Top Marketer Concern
Google Wins Copyright Battle In Germany
Google Sits, Oblivious, On The Most Valuable Social Network Of All
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