Search & Performance Marketing Daily Editions for July 2015
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Friday, July 17, 2015
Back-To-School Searches Rising, Already
Search Makes YouTube A More Valuable Media Property
Search In Google InBox Takes Backseat To Snooze
How To Control Search Engine Crawlers
Make Sure To Add These Three Tips On Local Search
What's The Fine Line Between Gray From Black Hat SEO
Google Shares Leap As Larry Page Hints Spending To Be More Controlled
One Question Will Determine If You Have the Right Employee Or Agency
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Thursday, July 16, 2015
It's Not Magic, Just Cross-Device Conversion Tracking
Amazon Prime Day Seen Capturing Clicks From Google
Zeta Interactive Closes $125M Funding, Plans US, UK Growth
Moving Transgender @YouTube Video Airs On TV
Instagram Bans Search Terms Like #Curvy
A 'Must Not Do' List For Paid Search Campaigns
Will Marin Software Keep Up Analysts' Expectations
Apple Sued For Using iWatch Term In Search Ad
Facebook Tests Shops
Google Sponsors OpenStack Foundation
Google-Backed Standards Group Attracts Qualcomm
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Wednesday, July 15, 2015
Optimizing For Search Engine URLs, Not Keywords
As Mobile Results Improve, Desktop Search Value Erodes
Amazon Putting Pressure On Google Ads
Google Steps Into Purchases On Google Shopping
Yahoo Connects Mobile Messaging To Search Through Native
Meet Google's BLE Beacon Format, Eddystone
Bing Shopping Campaigns Officially Rolls Into U.S.
Google, Mozilla Pull Support For Adobe Flash
Tagging: Check It Twice
Authors Guild Wants Web Companies To Police Piracy
Google's Phantom 2 Strikes Another Blow For Quality Content
Google Launches Eddystone, a New Open Beacon Standard
Real-Time Email Optimization Goes Live, Relies On Data
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Tuesday, July 14, 2015
Western Union Asks - Does The American Dream Still Exist?
Google's 'Right To Be Forgotten' Dilemma Growing
Google Finds Gigabit Competition in Comcast
Agencies Consider Native Advertising Creative Outlet In U.K.
How To Renegotiate Paid Search Client Contracts
Consumers To Brands: I Love You, But You Don't Know Me
Google To Reopen Map Maker
Chamber Of Commerce Backs Spokeo In Fight Over Inaccurate Data
Camp Google Launches Online
Why Nielsen Is Forced To Model Even Though It Is Bad Research
Are New Sites Getting Slower?
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Monday, July 13, 2015
Aussie's ABC News Outranking Commerical Sector For Google Search Terms
Analysts Raise Yellow Flag Ahead Of Google Earnings
Search Engine Data Suggests Greeks Looking Elsewhere For Work
Keep Up With Search Intent Using Question-Based Keyword Development
Google Capital Leads $100 Million Round In Cybersecurity Firm CrowdStrike
WikiLeaks Publishes Searchable Database of Hacking Team Emails
Optimizing Content For Text, Voice Search In A Post-Mobilegeddon World
AOL's Convertro Drills Attribution Weather Data Down To ZIP Codes
Google Releases New Deliverability Tools For Senders
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Friday, July 10, 2015
Gartner's Falling PC Estimates Confirm Rise In Mobile Search, Programmatic
Content Marketing And Its Influence On SEO
Google Critic Pushes To Create 'Right To Be Forgotten' In U.S.
IoT at Retail: Up to $1 Trillion Impact
Study Finds Global Content Marketing Exploding At Double-Digit Rate
Consumers To Brands: I Love You, But You Don't Know Me
IBM Sees The Next Phase Of Search
Bing Adds A 'Learn More' Link For Prescription Searches
Peter Read Leaves Google Ventures
Bing Rolls With Demographic Targeting
Google Uses Neural Network For Spam Filter
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Thursday, July 9, 2015
Google-Twitter Deal Fails To Index Most Brand Tweets In Search Results
Google To Sunset An AdWords API
How Can Brands Identify 'Made In USA' Items In Search Results?
Analyzing The Search Industry
YouTube Multichannel Networks Worth Billions
Microsoft Pressures Bing To Sharpen Its Focus
Google Regains Market Share Losses From Yahoo-Bing
Content Marketing Sees Solid Growth, B2C Marketing On Upswing
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Wednesday, July 8, 2015
Data Leads Under Armour Beacon Test
Visual Search Engine To Serve Ads Based On Images, Not Keywords
SEO Agumented Reality Tips
TGI Fridays Campaign Goes 360 To Giveaway Burgers
Taking Content Marketing From Search To Facebook
Microsoft Cuts 7,800 Jobs, Revamps Strategy
Google Seen Posting Hybrid PLA, Knowledge Graph Ad
Ad Confidence Dips, Remains Near Historic High, Especially Digital
Advocacy Group Wants To Extend 'Right To Be Forgotten" To U.S.
Google Maps Adds Cross-Platform Pinning
Google Ads Reflect Sex Discrimination, Study Suggests
Microsoft And AOL Deal Offers Better Options For Brands And Agencies
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Tuesday, July 7, 2015
RideWith Google No Ordinary Ride Share
Google's Web Framework Will Make Pages Look Like Android Apps
Google Offers A Better Way To View AdWords Display Reporting
Amazon Faces MTM Trademark Lawsuit Over Confusing Search Results
Bing Maps Gets A Redesign
Ebay, Amazon Most Visible Google Search Advertisers
The World's Highest CPC For Paid Search
Chamber Of Commerce Backs Google And Viacom Against Visitors In Privacy Battle
Millennials' Beacon Reach: 38% of Moms, 20% of Women
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Monday, July 6, 2015
Microsoft RankNet Inventor Honored For Machine Learning Work
Investopedia Invests In Self, IAC Property Assembles Team To Be Major Financial Publisher
Under Armour Gets Gritness, Furthers Connected Strategy
U.S. Searches Reflect Fascination With Greek Economy, Confederate Flag
Google's Waze To Test Carpooling Service
What Happened To The Buy Button?
Google's Ad Algorithms Show Bias, Research Finds
How YouTube Came to Value Time-Spent Over Clicks
The Internet of Things & Connecting with Consumers
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