Search & Performance Marketing Daily Editions for April 2019
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Tuesday, April 16, 2019
Facebook Further Automates Some Core Advertising, Business Tools
Microsoft: Zero Carbon, Zero Waste
What Ads.txt Files Tell Marketers About Amazon, Facebook, Other Companies
Omnicom Folding Programmatic, Search Specialists Into Main Media Brands
'Link Tax' Copyright Directive Passes Final Hurdle
Duck Duck Go, Brave, Other Companies Want To Beef Up California Privacy Law
CPGs Find Powerful Partners As Retailer Ad Platforms Vie With Amazon
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Monday, April 15, 2019
Adult Websites Top Visits From Mobile Devices
EU Adopts Copyright Reform, Google And Facebook Face Challenges
Social Ads Vs. Paid Content: Which Ads Drive Consumers To Buy?
The Rocket Scientist At Lotame
Is Amazon Planning Ad-Supported Music Service Just For Alexa?
Search Secrets Of D2C Beauty Brands
5 Ways Marketers Can Thrive In Highly Regulated Industries
Gmail To Add A '?' Button For Access To Support Features
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Friday, April 12, 2019
Pinterest Introduces 2 Conversion Tools
Search Queries: Data Suggests People Look Past Page One
Amazon Spends Thousands In Grant Money Looking For Talent, Passion For Science
Rakuten Powers Up Stephen Curry Partnership
Pinning Down Pinterest's Audience
How YouTube's Big Goal Backfired
5 Ways Marketers Can Thrive In Highly Regulated Industries
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Thursday, April 11, 2019
Google's Deindexing Bug: Random Or Systematic?
Platform Uses Search To Match Partners Based On Data, Artificial Intelligence
New IAB Tech Verifies Direct Ad Sellers, Lets Media Buyers See All Participating Parties
Clark Pest Control Enlists Jane Lynch, Matty Cardarople For New Campaign
'Dark Patterns' Bill Would Prohibit Duping People Into Ceding Privacy
Cord-Nevers Decide Pay TV Works For Them
Heavy Phone Users Found More Dangerous Than Drunk Drivers
Google To Launch Hangouts Chat For G Suite Users
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Wednesday, April 10, 2019
Google Cloud Search Tool Finds Data Stored In SAP, Salesforce And Other Platforms
Google Introduces Cloud For Retail, Highlights Vision Product Search, Recommendations
Thousands Of Amazon Employees Ask Jeff Bezos To Take Action On Climate Change
Retail AI Spending Projected To Hit $12 Billion
Google's Wing Launches Drone Delivery Service
FTC Urged To Scrutinize Google, Facebook, Other Platforms
Isobar Taps Amazon Alexa For 'Missing Link Adventures'
Viacom Taps Google Cloud For Digital Content Discovery
YouTube Leans Into Interactive Programming, Hires Relles As Innovation Head
Privacy Case Against Shutterfly Withdrawn
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Tuesday, April 9, 2019
Only 4% Of 73,000 Business Locations Ready For Voice Search
Google-Backed Study Finds People Willing To Trade Sensitive Data For Personalized Media
Crowdfunding New Service Gets Google Funding
Yahoo Agrees To $117 Million Settlement Over Data Breaches
Leadfeeder Raises EUR3.1 Million In Funding Round
IAB Rolls Out Training Programs As Low Unemployment Rates Persist
Don't Bombard And Keep It Relevant, Kantar Research Shows
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Monday, April 8, 2019
Pinterest Sets IPO Share Price, Eyes $1.2B
Paid Search A Low Priority For SMBs
Microsoft Contributes To Google Chrome Open-Source Code As It Improves Edge
When Ecommerce In-App Ads Convert Best
Department Of The Attention Economy
VR, AR Can Improve Brand Perception: Study
TED 2019 Asks Big Questions
API Now A Critical Piece Of Business Strategy: Study
Email Is Key To Reaching Retail Shoppers, Study Finds
Email Features Offered Only By Gmail
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Friday, April 5, 2019
Klear Social Engine Adds Hashtag, Keyword, Brand To Search Capabilities
Magna: Search Expected To Grow 13% In 2019
Google, Facebook Ads For DTC Retail Brands Drive Less Site Traffic Than Radio, TV
Facebook Delivers Ads Based On Race And Gender Stereotypes, Researchers Say
Google AI Researcher Jumps To Apple
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Thursday, April 4, 2019
Would You Click On A Bing Ads Action Extension?
Google Assistant: Local Service Ads Based On Relevance, Not Paid
Google Page Speed Ranking Factor Drew Up To 20% Increases For Some Sites
Verizon Media Releases DOOH Inventory For Its Omnichannel DSP
Paying For News Could Be A Smart Move For Facebook
Apple News+ Adds 200,000 Subscribers In First Week
Apps That Can Fill The Hole Left By Google Inbox
Microsoft Outlook Vs. Gmail: Which Is Better For The Workplace?
UK Google Employees Get GBP226k Average Pay
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Wednesday, April 3, 2019
Are Brands 'Exiting' An Era Of Search?
Vrbo Ad Campaign Reflects New Pronunciation, Ver-Bow
Former Google Analytics Director Paul Pellman Jumps To Kazoo, Company Rebrands
Google Not Expected To Change Privacy Protections, Ad Tech Stocks Recover On News
IAB Europe Hit With GDPR Complaint By Privacy Advocate
Google Platform Shutdowns Damage The Brand
21 Gmail Features You Might Not Know About
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