Television News Daily Editions for February 2014
Television News Daily - Friday, Feb. 14, 2014
Media Stocks Have Mixed Response To Comcast/TWC Deal
Will A Bold 'Dallas' Promotional Stunt Pump New Energy Into The Saga Of The Ewings?
Battle Of The TV Sign-In Data: Apple Plans New Set-Top Box
Magna Adds 'High Definition' To The Buying Process
Google's Embrace Of Non-Google Metrics Major Step For Digital Ads
Univision: Revs Click In TV, Dial Down For Radio, Digital
Mobile Video To Grow 14 Times By 2018
Blue Diamond Runs Multimedia Olympics Campaign
What You Miss By Not Being There
NBC's 'Fallon' Launches With GE Deal
The Data-Driven Future Of TV: Will Spots Be Cherry-Picked Or Cherry-Packaged?
Finally! A Good Goat Simulator Video Game for the Rest of Us
Carnival Cruise Lines' Image On Upswing
Apple Rethinking TV Plans
NEW! The Weather Channel Is Passionate About Weather And Sweet Love Stories
Ads Will Soon Fly on 'Angry Birds' App
'Doonesbury' Creator Halting Daily Strip to Concentrate on 'Alpha House'
Publishers Learning Contextual Importance of Online Advertising, Says Coull CEO
Television News Daily - Thursday, Feb. 13, 2014
Comcast To Buy Time Warner Cable For $45.2 Billion
'Friday Night Lights' Returns to NBC - Sort Of
Beyond The Demo
Nielsen Reports Strong Year, Q4: Attributed Mainly To 'Watch'
Dumb Starbucks 'Parody' Should Lead To Dumber Comedy Central Marketing Spin
CBS TV Registers Mixed Ad Results: Network Ads Up, Local Broadcast Sinks 9%
The Super Bowl Conundrum Of Tying TV Ads To The Web
Sinclair Broadcast Revs Climb 32%
Ennui See: Same Old Same Old Ads on NBC's Olympics Stream
Discovery Ad Revs Soar 40%, Global Biz Boosts Growth
Mobile Shoppers to Face More Interactive Screens in Stores
Olympics Viewership Ticks Up Cross-Platform
Sochi Olympics Gold Medal Winner: Content Marketing
Chrysler Taps 'Diddy' To Tout 500L Worldwide
Council for Research Study Calls for Measurement Improvement Across Platforms
The Revolving Door Turns Again At WCVB Boston
Connected Devices To Surpass 6 Billion
Yoplait Greek Opts For Taste-Off Strategy
Walmart's Latest Campaign Pays Homage To Factory Workers
NEW! Not A Mirage: Sean 'Diddy' Combs Stars In Fiat Ad
Apple Rethinking TV Plans
Hulu Will Spring New Animated Series This Spring
Shady Ad Networks Put P&G, Uniilever and Other Big Advertisers on X-Rated Sites
Don't Worry About Teens Leaving Facebook
Television News Daily - Wednesday, Feb. 12, 2014
Nielsen Capitulates, Agrees To Withhold Broadband Households From Local Ratings -- For Now
The Next Huge Television Hit Will Be ...
Dumb Starbucks 'Parody' Should Lead To Dumber Comedy Central Marketing Spin
C3 Ratings Record Slight Uptick
Chromecast Developers To Get More Seamless Video Ads Via Brightcove
Couples Find TV Viewing A Bonding Experience
Sochi Winter Olympics: Which Ads Are Crushing It So Far?
Online Video Ads Still Dominate Videology Platform
Aereo Gets Date With Supreme Court, Fights Broadcasters In Utah
Kraft Singles Touts Dropping Artificial Preservative
Managing The Metadata: Q&A With Greg Varhely
4As Scraps Annual Ad Production Cost Survey
Brands Aren't People: Their Customers Are
Guitar Center Promotes Experience, Instruments
Council for Research Study Calls for Measurement Improvement Across Platforms
Sports Leads TV Everywhere Streams
Sprint Shows NBA Players Off The Court
Hearst Unveils New Corporate Website
CBS Doubles Its Hulu Plus Library
Netflix Using Neural Networks To Refine Video Recommendations
Television News Daily - Tuesday, Feb. 11, 2014
Interpublic Report: It's Time To Shift From Nielsen Ratings To 'Impressions-Based' Trading
A Not-So-Fond Farewell To Fox's 'The X Factor'
Media And Viewers: Both Wasted
comScore Gets Firmer GRP On Google, Solidifies Position As Online Currency
Leno's Gone, Quest For Late-Night Ad Dollars Continues
Viggle Grows Users, Revenue
No Instagram Or Vine Vids For Olympians
Clypd Adds Ad-ID Coding Into Programmatic TV Platform
Not What It Seems: YouTube Now Searching for Fake Views
Americans Are Crazy For Digital Devices, Time Consumption Is Up
Redefining 'Video'
Schneider Study Shows Millennials More Likely To Trust What They Read Online
Celebrity Endorsers Not Worth The Money
Hulu Names Naylor SVP, Sales
Ameriprise Jumps On Olympics Bandwagon
Kaltura Gains $47M In Funding, Monies Target Emerging Markets
Innovid, DoubleVerify Partner To Bring Ad-Blocking Tech To Video Ad Server
IAB Issues Mobile Video Ad Guide
Report: Charter Plans Hostile Takeover Move For Time Warner Cable
Netflix Using Neural Networks To Refine Video Recommendations
Television News Daily - Monday, Feb. 10, 2014
Nielsen Debuts Local Buyer Reach To Aid Advertisers
AMC's 'The Walking Dead' Returns To Shake Up Rival Networks Anew
IAB Redefines Ad Engagement, Clarifies Core Metrics Cross-Platform
HLN Rebrands, Skews To Younger Demos
Singing The Blues: Fox Cancels 'X Factor'
Olympics Draw 25 Million Viewers
Glee Comedy Club Victorious Over U.S. TV Studio
BMW, Acura Race Into Olympics With New Campaigns
Century 21 Agents Make Fantasies Come True
The Mobile Bowl...Or, The Last Super Bowl Post I Am Writing...No, Really This Time
Stan Mack's Real MAD: Drone On
Leno's Gone, Quest For Late-Night Ad Dollars Continues
Online Traffic Heavyweight? Try Twitch, A Gaming Site
Integral Ad Science Unveils Combo Fraud, Viewability, Brand Safety Solution
Babble, Blather And Boredom: How Brands On Twitter Fumbled The Super Bowl
Why You Need To Care About Video Viewability
Sunday Morning With Charles Osgood
Universal Defends 'Dancing Baby' Takedown Demand
Gillette Unveils New Olympics-Themed Marketing Campaign
Television News Daily - Friday, Feb. 7, 2014
Broadcasters Call On Nielsen To Halt Rollout Of 'Hybrid' Local TV Measurement
Jay Leno's Grandly Entertaining (And Surprisingly Emotional) Farewell
As Binging Increases, Who Should Worry?
Sold-Out Oscars' $1.7M Price Tag Draws 14 Major Advertisers
Study: TV Everywhere Doubles, Tablets Drive Usage
Horizon, Clear Channel Ink $100 Million Deal
Looking For Medic To Treat My Football Media And Other Potential Injuries
Time-Shifted Ratings Pay Off More For TV Nets Than Advertisers
There's A Lot Of YouTube Talk About Beauty, But Least Of All By Brands
TV Set Sales Reach Saturation Point
Super Bowl Advertisers Find Success In Looking Back
GroupM Gets Creative With New Hulu Series
Financial Services Spend Big For Online Video Following Super Bowl, CPGs Stay The Course
Responsive Content - Audio, Text, Video, Images - Will Transform Online Marketing
Carnival 'Bobslides' Into Olympic Sponsorship
AOL's Best Year In A Decade Fueled By Programmatic
Aereo To Take On More Subscribers in NYC
NEW! AMC Stunt Scares New Yorkers With 'Walking Dead' Zombies Under Subway Grate
CNN Shuts Down CNN Latino
Report: Six Big Media Firms Control TV Ad Pie
The Amazing Ad Network Amazon Could Build
BBC Innovates On Instagram
NBC's Olympic Live Stream Stumbles A Bit on Day One
Television News Daily - Thursday, Feb. 6, 2014
Digitally Speaking, CBS, Time Warner, Disney Bigger Than Facebook
Super Bowl High-Pressure Zones
Beatlemania Will Return To CBS On Sunday Night
Disney's Broadcast Division Drops Slightly, 'Frozen' Heats Up Entertainment Division
The Golden Age Of Appointment Viewing
Univision Taps Applicaster For Cross-Screen Experiences, Ups Sponsorship Opportunities
Fox Cable Net Revs Spike 14%, Broadcast Up 6%
NBC Taps IDS For Real-Time Results During Sochi Olympic Games
Let's Brand The Weather
TV Is Prime Focus When Set's On
Pre-Olympics Survey Finds Sponsor Awareness Spotty
Vungle Raises Another $17 Million, Launches Mobile Video Ad Exchange
Report: Six Big Media Firms Control TV Ad Pie
Nine-Day NewFronts Begin April 28; Prelim Sked Unveiled
ADT Addresses Security Anxieties
Bianca De La Garza Drops Anchor For New TV Venture
StarGreetz Personalizes Video Messages For Major Marketers
A Survey That's Hard to Ignore About How We Ignore Online Ads
Why TV Dollars Won't Go Online -- In 10 Words
Telling Effective Brand Stories Can't Be Done In One Sitting
Television News Daily - Wednesday, Feb. 5, 2014
Turner Expands Adult Swim, Adds Ads To Boomerang
New TV Group Adds To The Growing Noise About Industry Change
Why Does Jay Leno's Departure From 'The Tonight Show' Feel Like A Non-Event?
Big Oscar Spenders -- Hyundai, Pepsi -- Drop Out Of This Year's Telecast
LinkTV Begins Online Video Site Funded By Gates Foundation
Turner Revs Up 5% In 2013, Cable News Nets Dip
Google To Name Wojcicki YouTube CEO, Signals Changes In Ads, Metrics
De La Garza Leaving WCVB To Develop Boston Lifestyle Show
Innovative Video Formats Open Doors To New T/V (Television/Video) Ad Model
CBS To Air 8 NFL Network Games
Lean-Back Mobile: Smartphone Video Viewing Rockets 86%
Gannett Revenues Fall on Publishing, Broadcasting Declines
GoGo SqueeZ Launches First National Media Program
Mini U.S.A. Rolling Out Biggest Campaign To Date
Correction: Super Bowl Viewership Hits 105 Index
Hurley: Mixbit Not Folding
When It Comes To Reaching Women, What's Old Is New Again
Super Bowl Ads Heavy On Humor, Still Light On User Engagement
The Rise Of The 'Infosumer'
Everything Old Is New Again In This Year's Super Bowl Ads
Television News Daily - Tuesday, Feb. 4, 2014
'The Big Bang Theory,' 'Modern Family,' 'Mom' And Others Prove The State Of The Sitcom Isn't So Bad After All
More Money For TV Companies Despite Commercial Skipping
Audience Targeter Granted Patent Matching 1st-Party Data To TV Set-Tops
Adobe, NBC Partner To Stream Olympics, Ads Run In Live Feeds
Super Bowl: In A Blowout, Snow-Out Could Have Helped Dense Pack Of Commercials
Budweiser, GoDaddy, Doritos Score Best As Super Bowl Ads
Television Advertising And Search Performance
Super Bowl Viewership Hits 105M, NFL, Kia Among Most-Watched Ads
Vroom: Edmunds Analyzes Ads That Resonate With Super Bowl Fans
Univision, Variety Expand Content Partnership, Create Variety Latino
Shazam Gets 700k Super Bowl Listens, But What Is The Second Screen's Second Act?
FilmOn X Asks To Intervene In Aereo's Fight With TV Broadcasters
The Sexual Politics Of 'Downton Abbey'
DG's Tech Businesses Renamed Sizmek Following Sale Of TV Ops
Depending On The Source, Visions For Online Video Have Important Gaps
Despite Lopsided Game, Super Bowl Breaks Most-Watched TV Record
Chromecast Development Opens To All: Let The Tossing (And Advertising) Begin
NHL Stadium Series: Big Win For Hockey
Luxury Cars Get Big Interest In Big Game
Court Revives Lawsuit Against Spokeo
NEW! Doritos Crashes The Actual Super Bowl With Human Doritos Stunt
Report: Disney, Dish, Close To Settling Ad-Skipping Suit
NEW! Driving A Nissan Qashqai Should Feel Like Ziplining
Tribune Completes Gracenote Acquisition
Pokemon Signs Pact with Hulu Kids Platform
LinkTV Begins Online Video Site Funded By Gates Foundation
When Will All Mobile Devices Be Hi-Def?
Television News Daily - Monday, Feb. 3, 2014
Water Cooler Effect Cools Off: Super Bowl 'Sharing' Begins To Slow
Is The Super Bowl Played Out As An Advertising Showcase?
Super Bowl: In A Blowout, Snow-Out Could Have Helped Dense Pack Of Commercials
Unlike The Game, No One Ad Was A Runaway
Vroom: Edmunds Analyzes Ads That Resonate With Super Bowl Fans
Squandered Bowl? Or Branding First?
Television Advertising And Search Performance
Goldie Rocks: Intuit Helps Girl Power Toymaker Blast Off During Big Game
Super Bowl Goes Meta: Now We're Just Making Fun Of Ourselves
Aereo Expanding Into San Antonio
Maybe Super Bowl Blah Means There's Just Virality Fatigue
Unruly, Civolution Bestow Honors on the Bud Puppy-and-Horse Show
AT&T Hails Olympians Through New App
The Ultimate Super Bowl Commercial
North Lake Tahoe Encourages Break Time
Super Bowl: At Least The Lights Stayed On
Video Shots Celebrate Apple's 30 Years Of Mac
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