• National Autism Network Launches
    The advent of the Internet has allowed support groups and other kinds of patient information sharing to go virtual, with online social networks devoted to virtually every major condition and complaint. In the latest example, the National Autism Network launched last year to help autistic individuals and their families.
  • More Social Apps Launched For College Students
    Facebook, founded in a Harvard dorm room, soon outgrew its college niche, opening itself to the masses in 2006. Now, there is a new crop of college-only social networks seeking to recreate Facebook's original exclusive environment.
  • Social Media Moods Are Infectious
    It might be time to reconsider whose Facebook posts you read, since it turns out that emotional states, including good and bad moods, can spread from person to person via social media, per a new study.
  • Some Christians Give Up Social Media For Lent
    Roughly one in six practicing U.S. Christians (16%) say they are giving up social media for Lent. Twitter is the third-most-popular Lenten sacrifice this year, while "social networking" in general is seventh.
  • User-Generated Content Dominates Millennial Media Consumption
    User-generated content makes up 30% of the media content consumed by millennials in terms of time spent, at 5.4 hours per day. Millennials also consider UGC more trustworthy than other media sources -- specifically trusting it 50% more than sources like TV, newspapers and magazines.
  • Turkish PM Presses Social Media Ban
    Turkey's embattled prime minister, Recep Tayyip Erdoan, is pressing ahead with his plan to ban social-media sites, including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, in order to stifle criticism after revelations of corruption surfaced online.
  • Twitter Bans Sexy Vines, But New Options Abound
    Human beings are a strange lot, especially when it comes to sex. What titillates one person makes someone else yawn. Another person has a yawning fetish, while someone else wants a vinyl-clad matron to spank them. Weirdest of all, in my humble opinion, some people apparently like their sexy time in six-second snippets. It seems Vine has been overrun with bite-sized chunks of amateur and professional pornography, prompting on ban sexually explicit content. Vine explained the new policy in a blog post: “For more than 99 percent of our users, this doesn’t really change anything. For the rest: …
  • Getty Makes Some Images Free For Social Media
    You're about to see a lot more professional-grade photos on Tumblr, Twitter, and WordPress blogs, thanks to Getty Images, which is making images from categories including news, sports and entertainment available to social media users free of charge.
  • Facebook + Drones = Skynet?
    Sometimes the news coming out of Silicon Valley is so weird you have to double check to make sure it's not April 1. Facebook, the social network, is in talks to buy Titan Aerospace, which makes drones. Social network buys aerospace firm. Of course! How could I not see it coming?
  • Most Social Media Users Skeptical Of Peers
    Three out of four U.S. social media users (74%) think the people they know on social media "paint a better picture of their lives on social media than it is in reality." Paradoxically, while most people doubt each other's authenticity on social media, social media is also an increasingly important factor in self-image and self-esteem.
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