• More New Car Buyers Turning To Social Media, But Auto Sites Still Tops
    More consumers are turning to social media to research new car purchases, but social still lags behind brand and third party Web sites, according to J.D. Power.
  • Teen Sues Parents Over Embarrassing Facebook Photos
    In the Austrian province of Carinthia, an 18-year-old filed a lawsuit against her parents for breach of privacy for sharing around 500 photos of her on Facebook.
  • YouTube Launches New Social Features With "Community" Tab
    YouTube is expanding its social sharing options with a number of novel features grouped under a new "Community" tab, currently in beta.
  • Absolut Facebook Bot Offers Free Drinks
    Absolut Vodka is looking to make lots of new friends on Facebook Messenger, where its new Absolut bot will be offering free drinks to consumers in a handful of cities.
  • Heavy Social Media Use Linked With Body Image Issues
    This week brings another study suggesting that heavy social media use is correlated with a range of negative psychological outcomes like negative body image.
  • Newspaper Blasts Facebook Censorship
    The biggest newspaper in Norway published a scathing open letter to Mark Zuckerberg blasting Facebook's decision to remove the world's most famous war photographs.
  • Twitter Bows NFL Team Emojis
    With the start of the pro football season, Twitter unveiled an emoji, with accompanying dedicated hashtag, for each of the 32 NFL franchises across the country.
  • Social Media Dogged By Measurement Issues
    Social media marketing will continue to grow, but its rise hasn't quite lived up to earlier expectations suggesting execs see concerns about its utility and measurability.
  • One In Five Brand Profiles Is Fake
    Roughly one-fifth of all profiles seemingly representing a big brand across the most used social platforms is not associated with that brand at all, according to a new study by Proofpoint, a firm specializing in online security.
  • Social Media Now Dominant News Source For Young Adults
    The Reuters Institute's global Digital News Report for 2016 shows that social media has supplanted print and radio as news sources around the world, surpassing TV among younger consumers.
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