Video Daily Editions for January 2017
Video Daily - Tuesday, Jan. 31, 2017
The New Breed Of Cord-Cutter
Gap Between Pay TV Decline, Overall TV Homes Widens
The Fallacy Of Scale
IAB Tech Lab Unveils Overhaul To Content Taxonomy
Instagram Keeps 'Flattering' Snapchat, To Be Polite
IAB's Rothenberg Calls For Industry Effort Against Fake News
Franken Warns FCC Against Weakening Net Neutrality
Four Big Telcoms Hit Mute Button About Trump
What Millennial Consumers Really Want
Sony Takes Writedown; Entertainment Revamp Begins
Video Daily - Monday, Jan. 30, 2017
Internet-Connected TV Penetration Reaches 74%
Facebook Grabs YouTube Music Exec
Gap Between Pay TV Decline, Overall TV Homes Widens
Social Media Gets Defiant
The Only Day For Advertising
Video Email Marketing Delivering 50% More Click-Throughs
Sizmek Unveils Hub To Streamline Audience-Based Creative
80% Of Influencers Report Never Receiving A Negative Comment On Sponsored Content
Let's Stop Live Videos, Columnist Says
Heinz Petitions To Make Super Bowl Monday A National Holiday
Freshpet Refreshes 'Letters' Campaign
CBS' Star Power: Linear TV Promotions Push Premium Digital Content
'Cell Phone-Only' Households For Over Half of US Adults
Video Daily - Friday, Jan. 27, 2017
The Facebook Search For Deeper, Longer Meaning
ABC Creative Signs Up For Dumbstruck Emotional Response Platform
YouTube And Mobile Search Send Profits Soaring At Google
The Medium Is The Message In Social Video Marketing
Comcast Adds More Cable Subscribers, Profits Improve
Why January Isn't December
Twitter Shoots For Simplicity With New 'Explore' Tab
Adsquare Launches U.S. Operations With New York Offices
Kik Buys Mobile Video App Maker 'Rounds'
Top Trending Topics in Ad Tech
Horizon Creates Role To Navigate Evolving Print-Digital Medium
More Than One In Four Ignore Sponsored Content
Video Critique I-Team Answers Question Nobody Asked: Why Don't Supermarkets Do More Branded Video?
Hidden Valley Gets Real In First Positioning Shift In A Decade
The Secret Reason Why Millennials Will Be Central To Post-Brexit 'Brand Britain'
Video Daily - Thursday, Jan. 26, 2017
Rough Stuff! T-Mobile Takes A Big Swipe At DirecTV Now
Verizon Eyes Charter Communications
ABC Pulls In Google For TGIT Lineup, Personalizes Cross-Channel Campaign
More Flattery! Facebook Steals Another Snapchat Idea
Netflix Plans 'Queer Eye' Reboot
GOP Plants Anti-Obamacare Filters On Snapchat
Miami Teen Commits Suicide, Via Facebook
Super Bowl Fans Offered VR Experience
Guide to Facebook Engagement in 2017
Get A Life, Don't Go Live
Facebook: Full Speed Ahead For Live Video
Top Trending Topics in Ad Tech
Video Daily - Wednesday, Jan. 25, 2017
PewDiePie's Not Funny Jewish 'Joke'
Man Who Live Streamed Son's Birth Presses Claims Against ABC, Yahoo And Others
Influennials - The Secret To Marketing To Millennials And Beyond
VideoAmp, Grapeshot Partner To Enhance Keyword Targeting Capabilities
There Goes The Neighborhood! Reality Comes To Netflix
Marketing Malpractice: The Explanation For WPP's $90-Million Snapchat Splurge
Chicago Bulls Release Snapchat Film
In A World Where All Young Viewers Hate Trump, 'SNL' Plays It Safe
GirlTalkHQ Fights The Pink Tax
High Prices Mean Fewer Unscripted TV Shows On Cable Networks
T-Mobile Gives Former AT&T Free Year Of Hulu
Instagram To Introduce Live Stories
Trump Names 2 Breitbart Reporters To Administration
Video Daily - Tuesday, Jan. 24, 2017
What If Becomes The Trump Channel?
U.S. Media Spend Up 7% In 2016, Digital Best Performer
What's Working -- And Not -- In TV Measurement? Q&A With Lotame's Ryan Reed
AOL Launches Self-Serve Capabilities For Mobile-First Publishers
So People Do Watch Vevo
Reaching Consumers At Sports Festivals Is All The Rage
Vox Media Names Lindsay Nelson First CMO
2/3 of Mobile Gamers Don't Think They're Gamers
Geico, Verizon, McDonald's Are Tops In Ad Awareness
Marketing Malpractice: The Explanation For WPP's $90-Million Snapchat Splurge
'WaPo' Creates 'Today's WorldView' Newsletter, Targets Global Audience
Trump Inauguration Media Data -- TV, Digital -- Does It Matter?
What's Search's Role In Combating Fake News?
The Vanishing Value Of The Truth
Video Daily - Monday, Jan. 23, 2017
Snapchat Tells Its Partners To Clean Up Their Acts
TV Stations Worry That Facebook Is Taking Over Mobile, Digital News
DirecTV Now Hits 200,000 Subs, Despite Flubs
Ahead Of The Cross-Channel Curve
YouTube Overestimated View Counts, A Little
How To Instantly Repair The Media Economy
On Trump's Trail, Dogged News Media Discovers 'Alternative' Universe
The Trump Effect For Advertisers
Investopedia Launches 'The Trump Economy' Microsite
Trump Team Suspends Official Twitter Feeds After Critical Tweets
Video Daily - Friday, Jan. 20, 2017
Live Video Is All Over The Place, And Growing
Who Wins In An Ad-Free Video World? I'd Bet On Amazon
CNN Is Looking For An Honest Fake News Reporter
7 Steps To Video Adoption
Snap Fights Charge It Fudged Numbers
Netflix Says It Won't Be Hurt By Net Neutrality Repeal
Advertisers Must Change With Times Or Fall Behind
The Audience Economy And Its Impact On Healthcare Media Strategies
The Magic Of Donald Trump
Access Is Key For TV/Video Content, But At What Price?
How We Feel About Trump's Presidency
Snapchat To Enable Ad Targeting Using Third Party Data
Video Daily - Thursday, Jan. 19, 2017
For Netflix, There's Just A World Of Opportunity
Snapchat To Enable Ad Targeting Using Third-Party Data
6 Digital Media Buying Trends For 2017
Programmatic Native Ads Are Growing, But Banner Habit Is Hard To Break
Netflix Has Boffo Q4 2016; Content, Global Rollout Pay Off
Cable Future Is Tough For High-Flying TV Net Groups
Study Finds Opt-In Mobile Ads Preferred 2-1 Over Traditional Digital Ad Units
From DIY To DIFM, Boomers Lead New Trend
Rise In Broadband-Only Homes Using TV Antennas
Agency Creates 3 Tiers For Augmented, Virtual Reality
'NYT' Report Emphasizes Need For Digital Content, Staff Diversity
Video Daily - Wednesday, Jan. 18, 2017
Crackle, Snapped: 'Comedians In Cars' Drives To Netflix
Most Users Object To Video Piracy, One-Third Watch Pirated Content
Analyst: Netflix To Beat Estimates (It Reports This Afternoon)
Under The Klieg Lights, 'Variety' Has A Branded Content Studio
YuMe Launches Vertical Video Format For Mobile
Amazon Offers $100K Sweetener To Sundance Filmmakers
Facebook Steers Publishers To Long-Form Video
Nielsen Licenses AT&T Sub Data: Will Incorporate Into National, Local TV Ratings
Companies Team For Cross-Screen VR Campaigns
Google's Margo Georgiadis Takes The Controller At Mattel
Mediavest |Spark Wins $225 Million KFC Media Assignment
Ad Industry Holds Its Breath As May Confirms Hard Brexit
Gen Xers Spends More Time On Social Than Millennials
FitTea Allegedly Failed To Disclose Paid Instagram Endorsements
TV/Movie Content Producers Push High-Quality Shows As Solid Business Plan
Private Equity Group Acquires Ad Tech Firm Ad-Juster
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