Kimberly-Clark Launches Poise Feminine Wellness

Kimberly-Clark is launching the Poise Feminine Wellness line, a new line of consumer products designed for menopausal women. The new line represents the Poise brand's expansion into the feminine wellness category in the U.S. and Canada, following rollout in Latin America. The company says the Poise Feminine Wellness line comprises five products designed "to work naturally with a woman's body during menopause to provide comfort and help her feel feminine and confident throughout the day."

The products include Roll-On Cooling Gel and Body Cooling Towelettes for hot flashes; Personal Lubricant for, you know; Panty Fresheners; and Feminine Wash."Fifty million women across North America are approaching or experiencing menopause, but until now there has been no suite of consumer products that helps them cope on a daily basis," said Rebecca Dunphey, Poise brand director at Kimberly-Clark, in a statement. "The Poise Feminine Wellness line is specifically designed to help women approach this life stage with confidence. These products are a natural extension for the Poise brand, which millions of women already rely on for discrete protection from light bladder leakage."

Poise Feminine Wellness products were initially launched in Chile in 2009 and were subsequently introduced in Colombia, where, per the company the Poise brand increased the company's net sales in the region.

The launch of the new line will be supported by an integrated marketing program called "The 2nd Talk" which references the "first talk" women had when they were teens. The program will include an online destination for women at that shares menopause knowledge, support and solutions, as well as television, print and online advertising, media and expert partnerships, public relations and in-store support.Poise Feminine Wellness products will be widely available in retail outlets across the U.S. and Canada beginning this month.

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