Partnership Brings More Accurate Targeting To Mobile Video Exchange

Ad tech platform AerServ announced a partnership this week with real-time marketing data and analytics firm Neustar, Inc. The partnership will allow marketers to take advantage of Neustar’s targeting using AerServ's mobile video supply.

Depending on who you talk to in the programmatic video space, you might hear noises about not enough supply (or not enough demand) -- but much of that difficulty arises from how granular buyers want to get with their ads, says Andrew Gerhart, COO, AerServ. However, he says that buyers should and will continue to make video ads specifically for mobile, which will expand premium inventory.

Mobile video was a hot-ticket item in 2015, helped along by programmatic exchanges and better mobile technology. By most estimates, the ad format will continue to be a major driver of ad spend in the future.

eMarketer predicts that mobile video will account for half the total online video ad spend by 2018, reaching $6 billion. AerServ recently saw a 300% increase in sales of their in-app mobile video inventory.

As users spend more and more time on their mobile devices, the market is ripe -- but brands and marketers need to be aware of users’ intense dislike for mobile ads, as evidenced by Apple’s introduction of ad-blocking software baked into their latest Safari update for mobile.

“Consumers don’t hate ads, they hate bad ads,” says Gerhart. Bad ads are also poorly targeted ads, he says, which is what makes Neustar such a valuable partner for AerServ.

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