Zeta Global Raises $140M To Power Its Marketing Cloud

Zeta Global announced a late-stage equity and debt-funding round on Thursday to boost its marketing cloud prowess, as well as likely positioning the company to either be acquired or go public.

The $115 million Series F financing, led by GPI Capital, and $25 million debt financing place Zeta Global’s total equity to date at $340 million, with an estimated evaluation of $1.3 billion.

Founded in 2007 as an email marketing technology vendor, Zeta Global has expanded since to help marketers sift through data to leverage customer insights that improve digital marketing initiatives.

Founded by industry veterans John Sculley and David Steinberg, Zeta Global helps customers like American Airlines, Toys R Us and Sprint manage their data and optimize digital communication. Insights are derived from the software company’s database of more than 350 million people, and the company claims to have an average of 3,000 attributes per consumer.

Zeta Global aggregates data across channels, including mobile, social and email, to help its customers personalize brand communication with more relevant offers and ads. The company then tracks how people interact with the advertisements to help improve future communications with the help of machine-learning algorithms.

Amidst a steep, competitive landscape -- as software providers like Salesforce, Adobe and Oracle make inroads into the marketing technology market via acquisitions -- Zeta Global has acquired nine startups over the past decade, including Axciom Impact and eBay’s CRM business, and plans to use the added resources to scout potential companies that may add to its marketing stack.

The added financing will also be funneled into operations, sales and marketing. 

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