Downloading TV Content Via Mobile Devices Is On The Rise

Downloading TV content on mobile devices by consumers when they are unable to stream TV content is on the rise.

According to Penthera, the company that provides download technology for CBS All Access, Fox, Starz, Showtime, HBO Europe and other over-the-top (OTT) apps, downloads are up 131.9% year-over-year across its network in August.

It adds that the number of downloading devices was 112% higher year-over-year, with downloads per device growing 8.9% in August.

Penthera says consumers download TV shows when they can'tstream content — on the go, in a plane, or inside a building where they can't get a signal.

The increase in download activity has continued in recent months — with monthly downloads up more than two times over the past year.



Some key areas of downloaded content include TV networks, through apps, up 149% year-over-year; health, wellness, and fitness content, rising 159%; sports, growing 168%; and news apps, improving 164%.

Penthera’s premium video service clients have seen their users download 3.5 to 5 pieces of video content each month on average. 

Penthera says most of the big OTT providers — CBS, Fox, Netflix, Amazon, Showtime, Starz — offer the download option. The company's research says 59% of users in the U.S. expect a streaming service to have a download feature.

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