Verizon Media Ad Formats Rely Heavily On Tech As It Transitions To New Parent

Verizon Media has built technology for an ad unit that predicts the performance of the copy in the advertisement as it is created. It optimizes the text in the ad and makes recommendations for better advertising copy.

Without relying on IDs, the technology — Text Strength Indicator — applies artificial intelligence to analyze text across the billions of ads run on the Verizon Media DSP to optimize copy for performance.

It provides real-time feedback on the predicted performance of the copy in the ad as it is being created, while also making recommendations for winning ad copy. 

Early tests show that on average, this feature improves click-through rates by about 27% compared with ads that don’t use Text Strength Indicator. 

The latest advertising formats are part of a push to improve on services as Verizon Media settles in with its new parent company and prepares to change its name to Yahoo following the sale by Verizon Communications to Apollo Global Management for an estimated $4.25 billion in cash.



Verizon Media also launched several other advertising formats to support publishers and advertisers through its demand-side platform (DSP). All rely heavily on machine learning and artificial intelligence, as most individual identifiers to target ads to consumers disappear.

One ad format that Verizon Media created — intelligence-based visuals — can identify images in a fashion article, for example, on Verizon Media-owned properties such as Yahoo Life or TechCrunch. The technology then serves an ad for a similar product or style nearby the article. The programmatic technology identifies the image in the article and serves an ad.

Then there is a feature focusing on dynamic creative independent of targeting IDs allows advertisers to build dynamic creative ads directly in the Verizon Media DSP for display, mobile, and video.

The solution includes Dynamic Creative Optimization and Dynamic Product Ads. It uses Verizon Media’s Identity Graph and machine-learning technology to deliver against placements where first-party identity and consent-based data is available.

Dynamic Product Ads also are now available in the Verizon Media DSP across native and display placements on mobile and desktop. Advertisers can leverage DPA to retarget and prospect users.


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