CTV Retargeting Extends Performance Ad Options added CTV Retargeting this week, expanding its Performance CTV offering and its focus on programmatic advertising and agency management software.

This latest capability enables advertisers to retarget consumers who were previously served a CTV impression with a variety of ad types. The idea is to drive higher performance at a lower average cost.

“We take users who have been exposed to a connected TV ad and build an audience around it,” said Ryan Horn, senior vice president of marketing at “It gives our advertisers the ability to retarget the consumer with a different creative ad like display or video or mobile, for a slightly lower cost.”

The data used to target the ad can include addressable, behavioral, and first-party data. Horn said if someone watches a connected TV show and ad space became available at auction, would bid on the ad space using all the available data.

The number of connected TV devices in U.S. households has grown significantly over the past year. About 82% of U.S. TV households have at least one connected TV device.



In 2021, has run more than 32,000 CTV campaigns for about 8,200 unique advertisers.

The data also suggests that 60% of adults watch video via a connected TV device at least weekly in 2021 -- up from 59% in 2020, 52% in 2019, 40% in 2016, and 10% in 2011.

Retargeting is not new for The company got its start in search retargeting, with the ability to serve ads online based on keyword data from search to contextual. That expanded into geolocation, addressable and household-level targeting. can use search targeting to find the appropriate audience for the CTV ad.

If someone searches on a specific keyword or for a specific product, the company would target the CTV ad toward a specific advertiser. The company’s cross-device graph makes it possible to pair the correct consumers with the brand.

Horn expects many more advancements in CTV, especially around attribution and targeting.

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