Fox Partners With Purpose-Driven Ad/Marketing Firm To Make Social Impact

Fox has partnered with Givsly, a purpose-led advertising and marketing company, using its Good Advertising technology.  

Marianne Gambelli, president of advertising sales, marketing and brand partnerships at Fox, believes it’s easy to incorporate the pixel into campaigns, and the automated nonprofit matching removes the legwork in finding a charity that aligns with the brand’s values.

The original idea behind Givsly is to give marketers the tools to do good. Many advertising executives now are making commitments to social justice, along with generating higher business results.

The Good Advertising pixel does not pass on any private data and can be added to existing creative pieces such as video, connected television (CTV) or rich media display formats. It triggers a donation whenever a consumer takes a specific action such as watching a video or scanning a QR code.



“The pixel primarily measures the impression and some sort of action,” says Chad Hickey, CEO and founder of Givsly, which supports about 20 companies.

Increasingly consumers want to support purpose-driven brands with their purchases and loyalty. In fact, 82% have purpose on top of their mind when making purchasing decisions, according to a Razorfish study.

The pixel allows Givsly to power any publisher on the back end that wants to incorporate it on their website site. “We’ve seen consumers lean into these type of campaigns,” Hickey says.

Good Advertising delivers increased performance, with video campaigns typically receiving up to a 20% increase in cost-per-completed view (CPCV).

Givsly is partnered with nearly 400 charitable organizations, including the American Cancer Society, DonorsChoose, and others.

Fox Ad Sales has been a partner with Givsly for some of its other businesses, which use Givsly’s marketing platform for holiday gifting.

Rather than sending swag at the holidays to thank clients, they send a note asking whether they would like Fox to make a donation on their behalf.

The Good Advertising pixel operated under the same principle and adds an engagement part to it. The consumer doesn’t need to do anything other than spend more time with the ad unit.

Maybelline New York was one of the early adopters when the product launched last year.

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