Microsoft Dynamic Remarketing Seen To Generate 146% Higher Conversion Rates

Dynamic Retargeting on the Microsoft Audience Network became generally available this week in the U.S., Canada and the UK.

The company says the platform has generated a 5% higher click-through rate (CTR), 37% lower cost per action (CPA), and 146% higher conversion rates (CVRs).

The intent signals are powered by artificial intelligence (AI) to match target audiences with the items in the fee that consumers show interest in.

There are two ways to use dynamic retargeting. One is to use the Universal Event Tracking (UET), where Microsoft matches users to the product identifiers. Products in which consumers have shown interest in. Adding additional parameters to UET can provide access more audience data is another.

Dynamic retargeting is available for Travel, Autos and events feeds to create ad experiences on the Microsoft Audience network.

Microsoft also made Pinterest Import generally available alongside Google Import and Facebook Import in the Audience Network since Monday.

The Microsoft Audience Network supports two ad formats: image-based ads and feed-based ads.

This new solution intends to make copying campaigns from Pinterest Ads easy, and boosts image assets once imported. Images can be used in future ads and extensions across Microsoft Advertising.

Marketers also can import the full Pinterest campaign or granular import creative to customize bids, budgets and more during the import phase. 

The campaign budget feature uses start and stop dates and calculates the daily budget to the number of days it will run. A new campaign will not import into the platform until the remaining budget is served.

Microsoft will import locations from Pinterest Ads that are also supported in Microsoft Advertising. If none of the imported location targets are supported by Microsoft Advertising, the campaign or ad group will be paused.

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