Dentsu's Merkle GenCX Integrates With Salesforce Einstein GPT

To give brands the ability to connect customer experiences, Dentsu is using technology on a more human level. On Wednesday the holding company announced that businesses can now integrate Merkle GenCX, a generative artificial intelligence (GAI) solution, with Salesforce Einstein GPT, a generative AI CRM technology.

“Our GenCX solution combines our proprietary data assets and large knowledge models, as well as third-party large language models, to enable brands to connect more closely with their customers,” stated Shirli Zelcer, global lead of analytics and data platforms at Merkle. 

She believes businesses that adopt GAI technology can gain more customer insights and create personalized programs -- especially through Merkle and Salesforce, which have partnered since 2004.

The idea is that by informing each customer interaction with AI-driven insights, brands have the opportunity to create relevant, personalized experiences.

Merkle says GenCX is not just a chatbot, but rather a way to reveal insights through data, in response to questions like “Where should I allocate my $1 million budget” and “Can you build an audience of my best customers?"

The platform combines vast amounts of consumer data -- first-party and third-party -- with GAI supported by large language models (LLM) in a privacy-compliant way.

The company managed to take models that previously took between one and two weeks to build, and minimize the development processes by 95%. Some models were built in five minutes with the same resulting performance.

Merkle recently launched Merkury, a proprietary identity resolution solution, on the Salesforce AppExchange.

By leveraging Merkury in addition to Salesforce Einstein GPT when available and GenCX, brands have an option to generate actionable insights from large enterprise data sets and turn insights into action by automating marketing and commerce use cases -- including predictive modeling, profiling, audience definition, look-alike modeling, creative decisioning, personalization, and ad copy generation.     

Dentsu also will leverage the Merkle AI Lab to drive innovation in AI-enabled marketing and commerce for brands looking to capitalize on new capabilities.

It will provide access to experts who can assess the company’s readiness for GAI and accelerate deployment, adoption, and business processes.

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