Teads Expands LG Ads Partnership, Builds One Platform To Buy, Run Global CTV Ads

TV ad buys for large global advertisers that operate in many different markets have the potential to become much more efficient if done from one central place. Today that is done locally.

Jeremy Arditi, co-CEO at Teads, wants to change that structure and allow brands to buy media globally from one central platform -- similar to the way Google, Microsoft and some large digital out of home (OOH) networks do.

“It could be much more efficient to advertisers to plan, activate and measure in a way that’s centralized and data driven,” he said, pointing to Teads extended global partnership with LG Ads Solutions. “We’re in the very early, early stages of it being possible.”

He expects Teads and LG Ad Solutions to announce the extended partnership this week, an expansion into eight additional markets across Europe and Asia-Pacific.



About 40% of Teads research and development is focused on CTV, which is a “huge” priority and growth area for Teads, and the deal aims to increase exclusive LG connected television (CTV) native home screen ad inventory through Teads. The original partnership has been in place since last year in France and Belgium.

And when the platform is built, brands will have the ability to run campaigns from one platform across 35 countries in CTV.

“It’s a challenge to run advertising on an OEM’s operating system because the environment is not standard,” Arditi said. “It’s not like traditional programmatic environment, which has become quite standard.”

Arditi attributes this type of growth and reach to eliminating friction, making ads run seamlessly across OEMs, and offering unique and exclusive inventory where creative expertise plays a role. The company optimizes and designs many of the ad placements.

Teads built its technology to run the ads seamlessly across platforms and operating systems to run across an extensive network, about 100 million LG screens in households across the globe, and about 50 million other households.

Brands also can benefit from LG Ad Solutions’ audio content recognition (ACR) data, which enables the TV and software running behind the scenes to measure what programs are being viewed on the device in these regions, allowing them to understand the viewing behaviors of users through visual and audio recognition tools in a fully privacy-compliant manner.

Teads will have the ability to target specific audiences based on the type of TV consumption for linear and streaming, content and ad exposures, and other relevant viewership data on LG Smart TVs.

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