Email Marketing Daily Editions for April 2016
Email Marketing Daily - Friday, April 29, 2016
Luxury Brands Lag Behind In Email Personalization
San Francisco Academy of Art Employee Fell For CEO Spam
Demandware Stock Jumps, Market Opportunity Arises, Thanks To Radial
Average Worker Spends 28% of Work Week Using Email
Pepperidge Farm Rewards Consumers With Beauty, Fitness Services
Minecraft Mobile Game Data Breach Exposes User Data
Most Marketers Spend 1-5 Hours Developing an Email Campaign
30% of Phishing Messages Opened by Recipient: Verizon
What Millennials Want When It Comes To Healthcare
Gwyneth And Peyton Give Brand Video A Whirl
Email Marketing Daily - Thursday, April 28, 2016
House Unanimously Favors Email Privacy Reform
House Passes Email Privacy Act
Adobe Goes Paperless
56.9% of Marketers Use Responsive Email Templates
Data-Driven Oracle Updates Marketing Cloud
Sanders Email Shows Photo of Clinton & Trump
At Google, Artificial Intelligence To Drive Computing, Search And Mobile
Malicious Email Up 800% in Q1
EasilyDo App Helps Users Organize Smart Inbox Folders
Email Marketing Daily - Wednesday, April 27, 2016
Employees Spend 17% of Work Hours Using Email
Judicial Watch Claims State Department Withheld Document in Clinton Email Investigation
Emmerge Releases iOS App
Hotels Could Learn From Airlines When it Comes to Email
Email Needs Metrics That Speak The Language Of Business
Adobe Sets Triggers For Programmatic Messages
Google Urges FCC To Unlock Cable Boxes, Says New Privacy Laws Not Needed
Clinton, Trump Poised To Win Respective Nominations
Email Marketing Daily - Tuesday, April 26, 2016
Promote Webinars By Email To Maximize Engagement
J. Crew CEO Invites Customers to Email Him
Email Privacy Bill Expected to Pass in the House Next Week
Gmail Android Now Supports Exchange Email
Mozilla Finds Two Potential Homes For Thunderbird Email Client
Email is the Most Popular Channel For Spammers
Litmus Acquires Curated For Email Content Creation
Millennials' Technology Habits Will Change Direct Marketing
Email Marketing Daily - Monday, April 25, 2016
Australia May Get Data Breach Notification Law
Sprouts Farmers Market Data Exposed After Phishing Scam
Hacker Broke Into Palm Beach Police Email to Expose Corruption
Mexican Voter Registration Data Exposed
Alleged Filipino Voter Database Shared Online
How To Make Emails Printer-Free
Adobe Threepeats In Gartner's Magic Quadrant
PaperG Rebrands As 'Thunder,' Launches New Creative Tool For Facebook
Starbucks Pushing For Mobile Real-Time Personalisation
Five Common Myths About Email Deliverability
Smooverly: Investor Deck
Vulnerabilities Through Voice Search, Chat Bots, And IoT Devices Require Greater Focus
Email Marketing Daily - Friday, April 22, 2016
A Cautionary Tale Of The Cc Line
40% of Millenials Have Woken Up to Check Email
Luxury Marketers Lag in Email Strategy
British Consumers 63% More Likely to Open Emails With Emojis
Pennsylvania AG Used Private Email Accounts For Official Business
Anderson Cooper Didn't Have the Patience to Teach His Mother How to Email
Life Time Personalizes Fitness With Salesforce Marketing Cloud
Google, Microsoft Financials Push Heavy Into Cloud Services
Preferred Communications Without A Desktop PC
Email Marketing Daily - Thursday, April 21, 2016
GoDaddy Upgrades Email Marketing Solutions
Using Email To Drive That All-Important Second Purchase
Palm Beach Zoo Apologies Over Timing of Promo Email
Mobile Messages: The New Subject Lines
Number of People Victimized by Spam Number Rises 71% in UK
Report: Companies Will Spend $65 Billion On SEO In 2016
BT Mistakenly Forwards All User Emails to One User's Accounts
Engagement Is Byword For Savvy Marketers
SMBs Not Using Cloud Email Would Prefer Support For Migration
Finally! Campbell Ewald Appoints the Agency's First-Ever Female Chief Creative Officer
Google Inbox Update Transforms Gmail Into Personal CMS Solution
IAB Reports $59.6 Billion In 2015, Mobile And Programmatic Drive Growth
Search Takes The Majority Of Digital Ad Spend
Email Marketing Daily - Wednesday, April 20, 2016
Oracle Marketing AppCloud Expands With Key Partnerships, Acquisitions
Oracle Acquires Crosswire
Don't Tell 'Em What You Got, Show Them What They Want
TheSkimm Takes Email From Inbox To Calendar
Nonprofit Email Engagement Dropped Off, While Revenues Rose in 2015
Shortened URLs Make It Easier To Track People Online, Offline
Chobani, Gatorade Tie Higher Offline Sales To Search, Video Advertising
Emma & BriteVerify Integrate Systems
Kanye West Sued For Tricking Fans Into Disclosing Data
Publishers Want Ad Networks To Improve Payments
Email Mixup Saves LIfe
University of Connecticut Uses Email to Alert Students of Campus Crimes
Email Marketing Daily - Tuesday, April 19, 2016
Yes Lifecycle Analytics Platform Tracks Customer Engagement, Behavior In Real-Time
Microsoft Relies on Europe's New Data Protection Rules to Fight US Gov
The Rise Of The Balanced Marketer
Bill Gates Supports Microsoft's Lawsuit Against US Gov
Google Tracks Offline Sales From YouTube TrueView Ads
Gmail Desktop Users Are Experiencing Double Desktop Notifications
TheSkimm Is Launching a Paid Subscription Product
Client Sues Real Estate Attorney Over Email Hack That Cost Him $2M
The Three Circles
Email Marketing Daily - Monday, April 18, 2016
American Company Loses $100M to Email Scams
The Three Circles
Microsoft Outlook Now Available on Android Smartwatches
Google Honing Local Home Services
University of Buffalo Accidentally Emails Acceptance Letters to Applicants
Coffee and Donut? Nope, Check Messages!
Hackers Have Stolen $2.3B Using CEO Spam
RebelMouse Bows Rebel Discovery
State Dept Strikes Deal With Conservative Group in Clinton Email Investigation
Ensure Success In Your Next Brand Promotion
AWeber To Release Curate App For Mobile-to-Email SMB Marketing
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