• The Joy Of Stupid
    It's not illegal to pretend a soft drink confers happiness or joy; puffery is deemed fair game by regulators. But at this time in public-health history, it's plainly idiotic. Especially when the truth would work better.
  • It Feels So Good
    With ad blockers the captive audience can liberate itself from ad taxation. With breathtaking speed and righteousness, it has. The industry has responded with anger, denial, accusations of immorality and a continued delusion that all they need to do is improve the user experience for the historical quid pro quo to be restored.
  • El Chapo, The App!
    A lot of headlines over the weekend about the capture of Mexican drug lord Joaquin Guzman, and congratulations to our friends south of the border, but come on -- how about our very own Sean Penn!
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