• The Only Day For Advertising
    It's not just the Biggest Day for Advertising, it's kind of the Only Day for Advertising -- when armies of frightened marketers, agency people and production houses are at pains to come up withs something memorable. Naturally, this will not end well.
  • How To Instantly Repair The Media Economy
    SEAN SPICER: We recognize the important role of a thriving media in a democracy, namely to blame it for all that we do wrong. As such, we're announcing that the Trump Administration will take charge.
  • Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens
    There is no surprise in the news that FTC Chair Edith Ramirez is leaving the agency. And not just because a Republican will take the chair. It is because the FTC will basically cease to exist.
  • I'm With The Band(width)
    Here are two sentences that don't seem to match: This may well be a watershed moment in marketing communication. AOL is at the vanguard.
  • New Year's Resolution: A Schnorrer No More
    The stuff is out there. It's free. Why subscribe? Well, there are several reasons, and isn't it high time for publishers to get busy offering them?
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