• Fairy Dust
    The IAB Technology Laboratory today released a new, two-part Augmented Reality solution for publishers to persuade users to stop deploying ad blockers. First, the dual solution turns the page on the acronym DEAL, unveiled three weeks ago, just as it then abandoned the previous formulation LEAD as a recommended approach for publishers to discourage ad blocking.
  • P.R. Wild Pitches: Spring Edition
    Since I last weighed in last fall to shame careless and the clueless publicists for indiscriminate nuisance pitching for the brands they're charging clients to build, I have received these huge, highly targeted scoops.
  • Revenue? Who Needs Revenue?
    In a world in which advertising will no longer cover the nut for publishers, there are two ways to keep the lights on. One is to find more revenue sources. The other is to pay less for content.
  • Top 10 Bedrock Principles Built On Marketing Sand
    Consumer products marketers don't have to manipulate consumers into acting against their own self interest or persuade them to accept a fictional alternate reality. But the GOP message has achieved exactly that.
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