• I Hate Cyber Mondays
    You cannot have a quality user experience and an advertising model in the same universe. The restrictions imposed to ensure a pleasant user experience are choking off the ad revenue the publishers need to keep the lights on.
  • Faith, Fear And Marketing
    How do you get people riled up -- so riled up as to surrender all their democratic values, their Christian values, their ability to process facts, their very human rationality?
  • Vive le Silence Respectueux
    In mourning, as in medicine, the guiding principle of condolence is "First do no harm."
  • Media Bias: Ben Carson Edition
    My Fellow Americans: Let me tell you about media propaganda. The liberal elites who wish to destroy me keep spouting propaganda about my "involvement" with Mannatech -- yes, that's right, as in manna from heaven.
  • What's German For 'Dastardly?'
    VW played three-card Monte with 11 million customers, a number of major governments and one very prominent atmosphere. And it's sticking with Das Auto?
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