• No Ifs, Ands Or Bots
    Bot: Are you interested in purchasing a Handi-Douse Kitchen Fire Extinguisher? Consumer: No, I'm interested in operating it. I have a fire in my kitchen.
  • Faking Cokegasm
    Why has a succession of marketing chiefs tried to persuade us that Coke is a fixture in our larger emotional lives? It isn't. Coke is not, never has been and never will be a player.
  • Good Grief
    Ha! I knew I was right! "Get rid of Snoopy," I advised Met Life, in print, because, obviously, the ads were just a particularly saccharine form of celebrity endorsement. And because their Peanuts-ness distracted from whatever the given message was supposed to be. And because life insurance is as serious as a morbidity table and requires faith in the financial stability, stewardship and dependability of the insurer -- values not well communicated via whimsy. And because cartoon characters don't require insurance, because they are drawings.
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