• Marketing Repeats Itself, First As History, Then As Farsi
    News Item: Iranian hardliners, including the Tasnim News Agency, sponsor a contest to freshen and re-energize the "Death to America" slogan. Cash prizes will be awarded for the best song, poster, video, photo and caricature.
  • Man Seeks Smoking Gun, Instead Encounters Sea Serpents
    I find it demoralizing that the likes of Huffington Post and BuzzFeed -- and pretty much everybody else -- generate traffic with silly lists, pix of kittens, boobs, celebrities and other populist attractants. Versus news and information of substance. What enrages me is when ostensibly reputable publishers use such links, disguised as editorial content, in "Around the Web" sections leading readers into ad pitches.
  • If Your Phone Is So Smart, What's It Doing In A Best Buy?
    Like most everybody, I remember where I was when I heard Kennedy was shot, when I saw the second plane hit the towers and when I realized Best Buy was doomed. This was in an optical store in 2010, when before pulling the trigger on a pair of Ray-Bans that make me look exactly like a SMERSH agent, I pulled out my phone to compare prices online.
  • Offering Vision To The Blind
    What if the received wisdom about how to produce and sell all things to all people was based on an incomplete understanding of what people want and need? What if a vast blind spot to the dimension of intuition, feminine energy and the collective subjective has yielded the wrong picture of how we all function, what we all desire and what we all need? What if?
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