• Monkey See, Monkey Don't
    The overall problem is that metadata for videos remains thin, and relies mainly on the tagging by posters, who don't typically label their work "hate speech" or "kill the Jews." And the technology for the semantic Web, AI, image screening and other means for detecting repulsive content is simply inadequate. Where porn, racism and gore are concerned, the flagging mechanisms are woefully intermittent.
  • Window, Window In The Wall....
    The ANA wants a window into the walled gardens. Fair enough. The gardens are so lush and inviting.
  • Rushmore, Idle Less
    AUSTIN, TEXAS -- The thing about SXSW is, it's eclectic. Pay no mind to the stereotype of bearded hipsters stumbling around actual reality trying to pioneer enhanced reality. On Saturday, I ran into so many other distinct characters pursuing distinct endeavors.
  • Know Your Media And Consider The Source
    News Item: Under siege from Democrats and fellow Republicans about Attorney General Jeff Sessions' false confirmation-hearing testimony, President Trump took to Twitter over the weekend to change the subject, accusing his predecessor of illegally tapping his phones.
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