• Who Moved My Digital Inventory?
    Why is the media economy in free fall? The main thing is the infinite supply of content creating an infinite supply of ad inventory, driving CPMs down, down, down.
  • Citizens Disunited
    I'm not sure if you've heard the news: Syria is a pile of rubble, Zika is headed north, the planet is burning to a cinder, but the big story on Action news: Donald Trump says something assholic again.
  • Olympic Ad Doping -- But Who Are The Dopes?
    What's your favorite Olympic event? Mine is the Modern Bullshit-a-thon. The new ExxonMobil campaign is an opportunity for viewers to marvel at the nimbleness and raw power of advertising combined with the breathtaking -- dare I say virtuosic? -- dishonesty of the sponsor.
  • Mr. Garfield In The Echo Chamber With A Microphone
    Please forgive me for posting about media -- not about marketing, not about reach, not about engagement, but something more fundamental. Namely: why bother? I ask this during a moment that I probably should be savoring -- details below -- but which instead has me propelled me into a dark chamber of doubt and despair.
  • A Discredit To His Place
    Old-white-guy-ness is not, in and of itself, an affliction or character flaw. On the other hand, dear God, Kevin Roberts. Is he so addled by his oldness, whiteness and guyness to have lost the power to observe and to reason?
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