• Perhaps 'Hot NFL Wives Lose Weight Singing?'
    The Big 4 are failing because, as has been obvious for almost a decade, they must fail. Fragmentation and ad avoidance have killed their business model. The question, therefore, should not be how the Big 4 can cure what ails them. They cannot cure what ails them. The only relevant set of questions concerns what will succeed the Big 4.
  • 'Look! We're Tweetering In!'
    We have some hot new technologies here, and we should have some sizzling hot leveraging going on 24-7. It's a team effort, but the purpose of this communication is to "prime the pump." So here are some "conversation starters" from the 31st floor.
  • Advertising Loses In A Mudslide
    The presidential election was an electoral drubbing for the Romney campaign, a repudiation for the Republican Party, a humiliation for Karl Rove and his American Crossroads superPACS and a lethal blow to the notion of advertising persuasion. What the GOP proved, and what all marketers must at long last internalize, is that you can't advertise yourself out of a bad relationship.
  • For Immediate Release: The Most Exciting News Ever!
    I hope this note finds you well. As you know, Tooboozoob has just received a first-round investment from Prodigal Group Venture Partners for its cutting-edge networking platform that dynamically merges demand-side data optimization with FGB inputs for maximum transparency and scalability.
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