• And Somewhere Men Are Laughing, And Somewhere Children Shout
    The saga begins with a four-page spread in the catalogue featuring an interview between Lands' End CEO Federica Marchionni and one of her heroes: Gloria Steinem, the publisher and feminist icon.
  • God Save The Queen - And Proceed With Caution While Backing Up
    Not content to just sit there being dishonest, fake advice blogs take the trouble to include comment "traffic" so bombastic it makes you wonder where they found such delighted consumers. Narnia? Shangri-La? Neverland?
  • Where's The WD-40?
    It is not enough to offer a solid value proposition. You have to make it light-switch easy to turn on. And so to survive, they must:
  • Demented
    The history of Super Bowl ad fiascos is rich with malpractice, and Sunday gave us some more. But the only thing worth discussing is Audi, and the spot called "Commander."
  • Potty Talk
    What sort of ad will fetch consumer attention from Ad Block Plus's diabolical grasp? It will either communicate an irresistible promise or be so funny, bizarre, or shocking that you simply must watch it and share it.
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