• 2013: The Year In Review, In Advance
    As the page turns on another year, by federal law we unelected media elites are obliged to say our annual sooth. Not only are we the last word on analyzing what has happened til now, we and we alone are qualified to predict the future. And why? Because we are paid by the word. Every single word. Every, every single word. But do not underestimate us. The oracle racket is no simple matter. It requires boldness, insight and the courage to risk being made a fool of by actual events. For instance, last year I predicted "economic woes for southern …
  • Suffer In Silence
    From Oklahoma City to 9/11, from Katrina to Kosovo, certain marketers pushed themselves into public view. Perhaps these companies, and the people within them, just wish to express how deeply sad they are, and happen to have the media budgets to do so. Too often, though, they merely prove how deeply cynical they are, and leverage their media budgets to do a little one-off marketing.
  • Top 10 Excuses For Disrespecting Management
    I've been out of the ad-criticism game for a few years now, but those Top and Bottom 10 year-enders are irresistible, are they not? I have kept ongoing Top and Bottom lists for as far back as I remember. It's a pretty good parlor game and a fantastic way to make a living.
  • It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like MySpace
    From: Mark Zuckerberg To: sherylsandberg@fbook.com Subject: potential benefits of Christmas Sandster, I saw the data on higher click-thrus 4th quarter. Kind of took me by surprise. The users seem to be paying 30% more attention at the holidays. What gives? Opportunity here? -
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