• Smooverly: Investor Deck
    Welcome to Smooverly. The first publishing platform to combine real-time video, an engaged millennial audience, key influencers with unprecedented social reach and personal biometrics.
  • Yo, Czech It Out
    Every single person in the world expressed puzzlement last week at the news from Prague. In a marketing initiative that literally will alter the map of Europe, the Czech Republic is rebranding itself Czechia.
  • Yahoo Do You Think You're Fooling?
    Gerald Levin, as far as I'm concerned, you've gotten a bad shake. The worst deal ever wasn't what you got from Steve Case and AOL, but the one Yahoo didn't get from anyone.
  • Why There Is No President Klein
    Never does the outrage fail to outrage. Never do the media have the self control not to be manipulated. Because who can resist a conflagration?
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