MediaDailyNews Editions for June 2005
MediaDailyNews - Thursday, June 30, 2005
FoxSports, MSN Partner For Fantasy Football
Sieracki Named Playgirl Editor In Chief
Coen Revises 2005 Ad Spend Downward
Local Broadcast Ad Markets Decline
MediaDailyNews - Wednesday, June 29, 2005
TNS: U.S. Ad Spend To Rise 3.4 Percent This Year
Report: Two of Three Online Mags Have Web-Only Advertisers
Einstein's Corner: Cookies as Date Rape
AdSpace Networks Hires Three New Execs
Consumer Control's A Given; Now What?
IPG's Thompson Quits as CFO
Agency Finds Big Disparity Among Magazine Reach, Revenues
MediaDailyNews - Tuesday, June 28, 2005
AOL To Stream CNN Video Clips
Mediaedge:cia Opens Puerto Rico Office
TiVo Names Rogers CEO
When Graffiti Replaces Discourse
Researchers Find An Advertising Upside To DVRs
Local CBS Sites Get New Look
MTV Launches Interactive Entertainment Division
Product Placements Of The Week
MediaDailyNews - Monday, June 27, 2005
Coming Attractions: Cinema Advertising Growing Fast, Poised For More
Lifetime's Haskins To Depart
Cable Upfront Slows To Crawl; Network Execs Pessimistic On Price Hikes
Luxury Publisher To Acquire San Diego Magazine
Scarborough: Newspapers Grow Readers Via The Web
USA Network Launches First Company-Wide Marketing Campaign
MediaDailyNews - Friday, June 24, 2005
Brand New World Strikes Brand New Deal, Will Create Ads For VOD, Wireless, In-Store
P&G Pulls Another Surprise: Pulls Brand From Saatchi, Moves It To Wieden
Arbitron: Younger People Cut The Cord, Become Cell Phone-Only Users
Consumer Conference Call
Summer Role Reversal: Nets Get Real, Cable Gets Scripted
Email Rates Continue To Falter
AOL, Ford Stike Video Sponsorship Deal, Launch 'Virtual' Film Festival
JWT Pulls Trigger On Gunn Report Library
MediaDailyNews - Thursday, June 23, 2005
As Ad Spend Grows 'Tepid,' Agencies Grow Neutral, Less Dependent On Traditional Media
HBO Attracts Marketing 'Entourage,' Allows 300 Brands Past Its Red Velvet Rope
Agency Offers In-Store Insight: End-Aisles, Print Surpass TV
Harris Direct Taps The Media Kitchen
Turner Network-Wide Tie-In: Here's The Scoop, Plenty Of Them
Cottage Living Magazine Names New San Francisco Sales Manager
MediaDailyNews - Wednesday, June 22, 2005
Einstein's Corner: The Three Phases of Language -- Synthesis
Facing 'Staggered' Contract Suit, Nielsen Extends 'Landmark' Contract With Time Warner
New Omnicom Agency Seeks to Master--and Perhaps A Master's Degree--In Sociology
NFL Ad Sales Stay Strong While Prime Time Viewers Decline
Specsavers Awards $62 Million UK/Ireland Media Account To GroupM And Mediaedge:cia
The Other Jackson Verdict: Old Hits Receive Radio Spike, While Court TV Scores Its Own Hit
Study: Microsoft To Dominate Next Generation Of Video Games, Market To Achieve Critical Mass
Clear Channel Television Interactive Partners With Coupons Inc.
MediaDailyNews - Tuesday, June 21, 2005
Outdoor, B-to-B Report Soft Results, Add To Mixed Ad Signals
Carat Raids OMD's Warren, Media Buying Vet Will Serve As Verklin's No. 2
Deconstructing Everything We Know
A New Cable Vision: Buyout Would Take Systems Private, Keep Rainbow Public
Correction: CNN, MSNBC, Yahoo! Drew More Than 20 Million Visitors In April
Virtual Pet Rocks: MTV Acquires NeoPets, Expands Online
WPP Unit Acquires Online Researcher, Deal Follows Mainstream Marketers
Putting The Corporation In Public Broadcasting, Politics Signal More Underwriting, Fewer Stations
Study: Teens, Boomers Disagree About P2Ps
TV Watch Launches Education Campaign
MediaDailyNews - Monday, June 20, 2005
Big Pharma Looks To Fill New Media Script As Feds Crack Down On TV Ads
Giving New Meaning to Reality Shows
Editors Remain Vigilant About Magazine Product Placement
'Today' Wakes Up, Smells The Coffee, Regains Momentum
The Ultimate Driving On Machine
CNN Breaks Broadband 'Upfront,' Sets Sponsored Online Videos With Chase, GM
Initiative's Bivens Named LPGA Commissioner
NBC U. Roadblock Will Make You Gape, Features A Big Ape
Ford Gets Greeked in 'Geek,' Other Product Placements of the Week
Clarification: Mediasmith Handles Napster Media
MediaDailyNews - Friday, June 17, 2005
Upfront Turns Down-And-Out, TV Market Proves Softer Than Expected
Ad Research Czar Joe Plummer Joins The ARF
Online Advertising Is Growing, But Is It Learning?
Carat's Verklin Sparks Another Industry Initiative, This Time For Magazines
Newspapers: Playing Defense Won't Be Good Enough
Day After Recall Misses Aspects of Product Placement Impact
Study Prototypes DVR Users, Finds 'Live' TV Still The 'Norm'
Report: Havas Chief To Resign
A Fifth Of Newspaper Readers Rely On Online Editions
MPG Cannes Do It Again, Sponsors Festival Lounge
Nielsen Faces 'Staggering' Suit, Plaintiff Plans To Expose Ratings Process In Court
Bravo Applauds Media Chief
Nielsen: There's Less To Fault Us With
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