MediaPost Weekend Editions for January 2014
MediaPost Weekend - Saturday, Jan. 25, 2014
Tag, You're It: Audience Targeting Shifting From Browsers To Pages
Hyundai's Big Idea: A Big Bang In The Big Game
AT&T Sponsored Data Intrigues Ad Execs, Taps Into Content Marketing Trend
Upfront On Aereo And Broadcast Networks
LinkedIn Accused Of Tricking Users With 'Cryptic Disclosures'
KSL Trustee Given Subpoena Power: Liebowitz, Cohen To Speak Under Oath
Nielsen Finalizes Agreement To Sell Arbitron LinkMeter To comScore, Fulfills FTC Antitrust Order
The Problem With TV Everywhere: No One Wants It
Madison Avenue's 'Next Big Thing:' Branded Technology
Political Ad Spend Will Dip In '14
Google Breaks Into Madison Avenue's 'Big 5,' Comcast Erodes As No. 1 Supplier
Media Buyers Not So Smitten With Twitter ROI
AdSense Direct Could Increase Profits In Google's Coffer
White House Working Group To Examine Big Data Use
Do Consumers Really Like When Advertisers Hijack Their Screens?
Showrooming Comes To Actual Showrooms, Auto Dealers Brace
Arby's CMO Reveals New Ad Strategy
Super Bowl Marketing Goes Native
Dove's 'Selfie' Dissects Daughters, Mothers, Social Media
Sorrell: 'Opt-out' Is No Longer An Acceptable Data Strategy
MediaPost Weekend - Sunday, Jan. 19, 2014
Paul Donato And The Final Frontier
Obama Limits NSA Data Collection, Marketers Mull Changes
DMA Criticizes Obama Comments Comparing Gov't Snooping With Ad Tracking
Google Hatches New Plan, Acquires Nest To Organize Real World's Information
WPP Affiliate Shop Sued For Stealing Trade Secrets
Watson Looks To Collaborate And Commercialize
Writing The Marijuana Creative Brief
Report: 2014 Looking Like A Better Year For Ad Industry Growth
'Dude, I Have The Internet'
Teens Up Usage For Connected TVs, Mobile
Rentrak Gets CBS' Rating, Becomes First Broadcast Net To Use It As 'Currency'
Sprint Launching Comprehensive Agency Review
Christie And The Garden State Packed With Broken Heroes
Local Media Forecast To Rise Single Digits, Digital Expands
Advocates Call For FCC To Protect Net Neutrality
Literally The Worst Thing Ever
Oh, The Gravity: DirecTV Throws The Weather Channel Out Of Its Orbit
NowThis Now Part Of NBCU News: Second Investment/Content Mashup In As Many Weeks
A Taxing Argument On Ad Deductions
ANA Says IHS Global Insight Data Impugns Ad Tax
Williams Abandons Mother For Publicis, Assumes Global Strategy Role
MediaPost Weekend - Saturday, Jan. 11, 2014
Gear And Clothing In Las Vegas: Special CES Correspondence
NADA Faces Big Issues In The Big Easy
European Commission Clears POG Merger
Game Over: 'Nothing But Net' Now Mostly About Mobile
Google Develops New Dashboard, The Original One: Turns Cars Into Connected Devices
From The 'Big 3' To 'Big Data:' TV Audience Targeting Comes Of Age
A Nasty Pile-Up At The Indie 50000
Analysts Tout Nielsen Dominance Of Online Ratings, One Puts A Number On It: $200 Million
David Jones Out At Havas
Native Advertising Predicted To Dominate Digital In 2014
Sorry Charlie, You Were Just Too 2-Dimensional
Supplier of the Year: Acxiom - Who's On First, What's On Third?
Madison Avenue Digital Vet Finnegan Joins True[X]
MediaPost Weekend - Saturday, Jan. 4, 2014
'TV Everywhere' Isn't Going Anywhere, Study Finds Most Viewers Still In The Dark
Maurice Levy Reports Fourth-Quarter Ad Spending 'Softness'
'NYT' Readies Major Web Redesign
Latest KSL Twist: We Can't Reconstruct Our Mangled Financial Books
From Cody To Re/code: WSJ, NBCU Go 'Nutso' Over All News Digital
Facebook Sued For Scanning 'Private' Messages
Old Spice Says, 'Smellcome To Manhood'
Vine Extends To Web, Adds Full-Screen Viewing
I, Comic Strip
Google Missed Social Wave, Schmidt Admits
Activists Declare Victory As Cheerios Goes Non-GMO
Counting Counts: Six Reasons Everyone Must Read Erwin Ephron's Book 'Media Planning'
The Best Commercial Of Super Bowl XLVIII