• Corralling the Data Around Mobile Shopping
    For some parts of mobile shopping, it's all about the numbers. Anyone tracking mobile shopping behavior is aware that the data coming from shopping activities is starting to look like a tidal wave. A major report has taken a look at all of this data and points out that the retail analytics objective is to make better operating decisions and improve the shopping experience through the intelligent use of information.
  • 280 Million Mobile Phone Addicts, Up 59% in a Year
    Are you a mobile addict? If so, you're one of 280 million mobile addicts globally, a size close to the entire population of the United States. An interesting tabulation by Flurry Insights found that not only is the number of mobile addicts large, but also that it has grown substantially just since last year. Flurry measures 2 billion smart devices, a number also that has grown 38% since last year.
  • 59% OK with Trading In-Store Location for Deals
    For mobile shoppers, deals continue to rule. Most consumers in a store would be OK with retailers knowing where they are in the store at any given moment in return for deals, based on a new survey. The majority (63%) also would consider receiving smartphone offers based on their in-store location, according to the report. The study comprised a survey of 2,600 adult, a representative sample of the U.S. population conducted by Survey Monkey for Blackhawk Engagement Solutions. Almost three-fourths (71%) of those surveyed own and use a smartphone daily.
  • Consumer Concerns: 77% Financial Info Stolen, 55% Naked Photos Leaked
    Study after study show that a top concern of anyone thinking of using mobile payments is security. But there's the perception of security and actual security, different, but both critical. Security is generally part of the DNA of any major financial institution, but not all consumers take comfort in that.
  • 51% of Mobile Purchases Are for Physical Things
    Buying things on mobile has been getting easier over the years leading to an interesting twist. Consumers now are using their phones to buy more physical than digital things. The overall trend is a dramatic growth in paying for things with a mobile phone.
  • Mobile Online Transactions: iPhone 36%, Android 28%
    Online purchasing by smartphone is going up and tablet purchasing is going down. Smartphones now account for 64% of all mobile transactions, according to the Adyen quarterly mobile payments index. Tablets sales dropped a couple of percentage points to 36% of sales.Mobile now accounts for 29% of all browser-based transactions and smartphones are used for 64% of them, according to the Adyen quarterly mobile payments index. Tablets sales dropped a couple of percentage points to 36% of sales.
  • 13% of Smartphone Owners Have a Digital Wallet, 76% Don't Use Them
    Mobile wallets are just not hot. Despite all the promises of being able to more easily use a smartphone to pay along with all the promotions and advertising to get people to adopt mobile payments, the enthusiasm is still not there. After all of this, only 13% of smartphone owners have a digital wallet on their device, according to a new Gallup report. Viewed another way, 87% of smartphone owners don't.
  • 80% of Women, 77% of Men with a Retailer's App Use It in the Store
    Online shoppers just can't seem to warm to apps, but those who do, really do. This is even more pronounced based on gender, according to a new study. Neither group of consumers are heavy shopping app users, with 10% of men shopping through a retailer's app compared to 2% of women, according to the Retail Perceptions report.
  • 65% of Millennials Don't Purchase by Mobile
    For all the emphasis on appealing to millennials, the group doesn't seem to have bought into the idea of mobile purchasing. And of those who do buy via mobile, there's hardly a consensus on the attraction of apps vs. mobile websites. The majority (65%) of millennials do not buy anything monthly from their mobile phones, according to a survey by Social Lens Research.
  • 41% Buy on Smartphone, 37% on Desktop
    Using more than one device in the course of a purchase is becoming more common. This should be no surprise to anyone making purchases, which could be pretty much anyone, but it does pose some rather significant challenges to those doing the selling. One recent study did somewhat of a breakdown of what buying looks like by device when using more than one in the path to purchase.
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