• Mobile Advertising: Lucrative With Right Strategy
    Time for a reality check on the flashy Consumer Electronics Show and the robust mobile revenue forecasts that have kicked-off 2013. Calmer heads prevailing on Wall Street are warning significant costs will moderate growth rates and value creation, likely wreaking havoc with the rosiest outlooks. Brian Wieser, senior analyst for Pivotal Research Group,  estimates Facebook in 2013 will spend $2 billion to generate growth in mobile advertising, which will drive a 43% rise in revenue, much of it front-loaded this year.   That does not include the cost of major acquisitions such as Faceboook's $1 billion purchase of Instagram.  "Whatever …
  • Mobile Redefines Retail, Advertising
    Marketers should reach mobile consumers with personalized information, offers and transactions that cater to their interests and needs at any moment they use the medium.
  • Sandy's Lesson: Improve Infrastructure, Utilize Technology To Mitigate Damage
    While it is impossible to manage the unpredictable impact of a natural disaster, improving infrastructure and internal systems at every level and using technology to monitor and provide services can mitigate some of the physical, economic and personal toll.
  • CBS Keeps Broadcast Profitable Atop Retrans, Syndie Fees
    Although more than $250 million in retrans fees will account for 10% of CBS' 2012 segment earnings, those revenues are expected to double by 2015, generating 70% of earnings growth.
  • Patent Lawsuits Defeat Innovation, Curtail Enterprise
    This unwieldy dynamic of powerful tech companies binging on patents and then using them as combat artillery will have dire implications for enterprise. The patent wars are more about thwarting competitors and less about fostering innovation.
  • Social Element Will Move Mobile Payments To Next Level
    The new Starbucks-Square mobile payments partnership is an opportunity for Twitter and Facebook to leverage their developing mobile ad platforms, geo-targeting features and itinerant user base into transaction gold. The question is not if, but how soon?
  • Mobile: Only As Good As Your Last Offering
    The mobile interactive users companies are scrambling to attract can cause chaos. The spontaneous interactivity companies are trying to leverage can as easily work against them.
  • NBC's LA Station Taps Into Two-Screen Viewing
    NBC4 Southern California is jumping on the two-screen viewing bandwagon, but with a twist. The West Coast flagship of NBC's local TV stations is rolling out a mobile technology dubbed myCode that lets viewers get special offers and discounts via a smartphone app while watching.
  • Splitting News Corp Means Shoring Up Print Ops
    News Corp.'s decision to throw its publishing operations under the bus in a division of assets is a shortsighted effort to pacify shareholders disgruntled with a year-long phone-hacking scandal and declining stock price. It could blunt the newspapers' digital survival.
  • Cable Needs To Fear Less, Innovate More
    Dable remains an insular industry protecting its domain investment and guarding against releasing too much too fast-and usually only when pushed. In an age when disruptive elements come out of left field, savvy and agile, no company or industry can afford to be tethered to rules of their own making or the government.
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