• Creativity Crisis: Maybe Buzz Lightyear Knows the Way
    Creativity, innovation and the ability to embrace new perspectives have become scarce in Hollywood, corporate board rooms and classrooms. We need more Steve Jobs, those able to act as a positive catalyst for change.
  • Big Media May Be Dwarfed By Internet, Streaming Options
    We are fast approaching the tipping point where content creation, aggregation and distribution economics will be dramatically altered, if not displaced, by Internet bypass alternatives.
  • Digital Developments Could Undermine Comcast/NBCU's Power
    Comcast's proposed takeover of NBC Universal is the first mega media merger attempted with the digital interactive revolution in full swing. Opponents seeking to restrain such a powerful new player underestimate two critical factors: The rapid changes afoot will likely compromise any restrictions and dramatically alter Comcast's core triple-play cable business.
  • Digital Titans Keep Their Business Heads In The Cloud
    The titans who make it possible to access unlimited music, video and text on a postage stamp-sized player or a sleek iPad are rapidly shifting away from costly legacy structures and business models. They prefer to spend time in the cloud, where services, software and content are delivered via the Internet
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