• Send In The Cloud: Amazon Trumps Netflix, Others with Savvy Interactivity
    Despite all the fuss over Netflix, Hulu and iTunes, the honors could go to cloud-based Amazon. It already leads in bringing those areas together around content and products by thinking outside the silo. It is best positioned to win the integrated interactive war.
  • NBC Will Impede Comcast's Financial Growth
    As the new majority owner of NBC Universal, Comcast's best days of Comcastic financial growth could be behind it. Its blow-away financial performance at the end of 2010 as the country's dominant pure-play cable operator might not be repeated -- in light of the uncertain cash demands and ROI of some of its newly acquired NBCU assets.
  • Mobile Revolution Demands Savvy Business Framework
    With mobile platforms reaching critical mass and hitting a global tipping point, connected mobile devices are unleashing profound changes. Embracing and adapting these forces will enable companies to create digital strategies that fuel their economic engine.
  • Internet Proves Pivotal For Mideast and Murdoch
    There was nothing more effective during this week's rapid pace of events in the Middle East and in the United States than zippy broadband shortcuts like Twitter and Skype used by the masses to disseminate and leverage information. It was free. It was fast. It was real and gritty -- as long as the government left the Internet on.
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