• Retailers Miss Opportunity To Reach Shoppers With Social, Mobile Commerce
    The accelerated momentum in e-commerce, social mobile and daily deals will energize holiday sales, which officially launch on Black Friday.This emerging status quo will continue to reshape the retail and marketing experience. While consumers charge ahead, marketers and retailers generally are not positioning themselves to take advantage of the phenomenon.
  • Big 4 TV Nets Wane As Google, Facebook Command Ad Dollars
    Television advertising at more than $65 billion annually may seem impervious to erosion by interactive digital forces, but it's just a matter of time before widespread consumer adoption translates into sizable shifts in marketer spending.
  • Yahoo Dismantling -- The Only Solution
    There is only one way to solve Yahoo's problems, and that's by dismantling the company. It is the reverse of the value creation often promised and seldom realized in mergers. It is the inevitable end to a company that has failed to proactively respond to major trends like interactive social mobility. On the heels of ousting its unpopular CEO Carol Bartz and putting itself on the sale block, Yahoo is unleashing a bevy of new mobile devices, apps and newfangled features to play catch-up. While it is sure to stimulate some activity, the efforts are likely too little, too late.
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