• Iger's Screen Test: Disney Film Goes Digital
    Walt Disney CEO Bob Iger is likely to couple the appointment of a new studio chief with new initiatives and changes aimed at reinventing the film business for the digital age.
  • Wounded Peacock: GE Debates Selling, Spinning NBCU
    General Electric's pending decision to retain total or partial ownership of NBC Universal could hinge on radical changes to its weakest financial links, including its ad-dependent NBC broadcast network and TV stations.
  • Media Forecasters Struggle With Valuing The Future
    With the 2010 budgeting process begun, analysts have to decide how much ad spending will eventually come back, and where those dollars will land.
  • Digital: Integration Now, Integration Forever
    When the executives at Razorfish, an ad agency "born digital," peer into their crystal balls, they see thing like universal screens, ubiquitous devices and consumer e-dentities becoming realities within the next five years.
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