• Content Providers Missing Smartphone, Apps Gravy Train
    There is a serious disconnect between the prevailing smartphones and apps hysteria and the hapless pursuit of paid economics by content players losing billions in new revenues.
  • Follow The Money To New Platforms
    Data points can underscore larger trends that companies must wisely and bravely embrace, even if it means making radical change. With consumers now spending fewer minutes watching video on television than they do online, operator bundles should focus on broadband Internet and mobile.
  • Upfront Gains Overhyped, New Platforms Grab Future Profits
    A reality check on concluding upfront fall TV ad sales shows they are far from the triumphant rebound heralded by industry executives and the press -- barely recovering half of last year's 20% recessionary spending losses. The future lies elsewhere.
  • Exec Need Rules For Successful Digital Transitions
    What's a media mogul to say or do without a digital guide book? Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg's embarrassing interview at the annual All Things Digital D8 conference underscores the mindset of media moguls thrashing about in the interactive wilderness.
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