• Change Advertising: Buy Audiences, Not Media Brands
    Media and ad industries are a generation behind the way consumers create, consumer and share interactive media. Gathering and leveraging data from countless media platforms and devices will render new media currencies and alter ad spending. Most marketers are looking to find the right audiences, not the biggest ones.
  • For Advertisers, Social Nets' Real Power Is Individual, Not Collective
    Fascination with social media discounts the ultimate power individual consumers have over mining for digital gold -- a process that will be driven more by personal relevance than by sheer numbers. That is the financial sweet spot of the new media age.
  • Can Media Cos. Survive A Stress Test?
    The advertising upfront could yield the most convincing evidence yet of receding and shifting revenues that threaten the existence of some TV networks and stations even in better economic times -- if they don't stop clinging to their old ways. Unlike the major banks, there is no federal bailout for media.
  • Will Content Success Elude A Post-AOL Time Warner?
    So many of the merger assumptions for a successful AOL Time Warner alliance turned out to be wrong. Is there any reason to believe TW will succeed as a content player now?
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