• The Future Of Core Ad Revs: Interactivity
    Interactivity that gives consumers more of what they want and are willing to pay for is the plum growth catalyst that eludes many companies--even as broadband is burgeoning as a global lifeline for critical communications and entertainment.
  • TV, Newspapers Can't Shortcut Digital, It's All Or Nothing
    Media companies adrift in the digital transition and pounded by the recession are embracing new strategies--but they are not backed by the innovative core changes needed to permanently resolve broken business models and declining revenues. Companies shortchange digital at their own peril.
  • Media Needs New Metrics, Sounder Valuations For Growth
    The thorny issues of resetting asset values and reinventing media economics in an emerging digital marketplace will persist long after a recessionary recovery is underway. The shift is toward digital deals, both in numbers and value.
  • Job One: Advertisers' Survival Plan For 2009
    Ad-supported media that resists extraordinary change will not bode well in the 2009 recession. The permanent demise of auto dealerships, financial institutions and retailers, as well as the continuing shift of advertisers and consumers to digital platforms, makes for a challenging recovery. A constructive survival plan depends upon heeding and creatively responding to trouble signs.
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