• In Digital Crosshairs: Trad TV Needs New Biz Models
    The big question for anyone in television is how to get in front of - rather than be trampled by - the onslaught of seminal change coming from a multitude of places. This year's fall television season unfolds against consumer indifference as to where they access network fare.
  • Facebook Makes Most of Being In Right Places
    In one swoop last week, Facebook made itself digital media's de facto location-based platform by launching its new Places feature in partnership with -- and maybe at the expense of -- FourSquare, Booyha and Gowalla, all burgeoning players in the space.
  • 4 Ways Disney Might Make Its Recovery Stick
    Walt Disney's latest quarterly earnings may be the best among its big media peers, but there are moves it should make if it wants to turn its recovery into a growth story -- even as poor and uncertain economic conditions prevail.
  • Media Value Destruction and Creation: A Work in Progress
    Valuing disrupted media is a sobering and challenging task that will continue complicating mergers and acquisitions for years, even in a recovering economy.
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