• Retrans, Ad Fees Transforming TV Sector
    What's a TV viewer worth these days of intense media fragmentation? More than you think -- and even more in the future. The growth of ad and retrans fees is nudging television toward a digital future and rescuing broadcasters from financial crisis.
  • Internet Cos. New Normal May Be Misleading
    Google is a bellwether for an increasingly holistic ad market, in which digital Internet and more traditional media placement intertwine. The media industry's new normal -- the juxtaposition of historic and emerging income streams, strategies and values -- will arrive in 2011.
  • Mobile, Digital Ads Key To Immediate Consumer Purchases
    The explosion of mobile Internet devices led by Apple's new iPad and iPhone OS will help advertisers grab the big brass: quicker commercial transactions.
  • iPad Could Be Promised Land For Media, Advertisers
    Apple's iPad and new applications could be a ticket to digital interactive revenues if content producers and advertisers are creative and smart enough not to get in their own way.
  • TV's Disappearing Status Quo
    Recent data points render still more evidence that traditional media's status quo is fleeting. The issue now is how long and how much media companies are willing to bet against transformative change.
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