• TripleLift's Berry Works To Scale Native Advertising Through RTB
    TripleLift CEO Eric Berry envisions native advertising as the means to unlock the premium programmatic opportunity for brand marketers. Leave it to a lawyer by training, an MIT-trained product guy in practice, and an early employee at AppNexus to solve the challenges of native advertising.
  • How To Sell Programmatic To The C-Suite
    If you're a marketer reading this article, there's a decent chance you already know that programmatic buying is a uniquely effective tool. The problem? Just because you get it doesn't mean the higher-ups do. So, how do you convince the C-suite that the company is missing out on programmatic? Well, you can start by remembering the fundamental lesson of programmatic advertising: You've got to target the right message to the right people. With that in mind, here are some helpful tips for convincing the leaders of your company to go pro(grammatic):
  • Privacy Issues: Addressable Vs. Identifable Advertising
    Marketers want to engage audiences. Yet most media spend still targets content, using this as a surrogate for the audiences that frequently consume this content. Until recently, it was technically and commercially unreasonable for both buyers and sellers to negotiate for subsets of broadcast media content (e.g., television, radio, newspapers, magazines, billboards, etc.) based on buyer-defined audience segments. With the advances in programmatic media planning and execution, we have seen these barriers erode amid the rise of audience-based tailored advertising.
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