Search & Performance Marketing Daily Editions for October 2013
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Thursday, Oct. 31, 2013
Google Android KitKat Searches Across Apps, Web
Whom Would You Trust: A Human Or An Algorithm?
Search Marketers Don't Forget The Data In Product Listing Ads
Google Speeds Searches
Bing Debuts Hero Ad Unit To Enhance Brand Searches
Meet Google Glass Part II
The Life-and-Death Responsibility Of Brands
Google Search Trends: Consumers To Spend More Online This Holiday Season
Data Suggests Bing More Efficient For Small Businesses
Safari Users Seek To Revive Case Against Google, WPP, Vibrant Media
Netflix Defends Privacy Deal, Says $9 Million Is Going Rate
Facebook Tops Expectations On Strong Mobile Gains
Programmatic Buying Drives More Advanced Targeting In Video Campaigns
Send Those Branded Emails To Apple Devices
Marketing Groups Protest New FCC Mobile Spam Rules
Starbucks Touts Mobile Adoption
How UNC Brought Healthcare Tips To Facebook
Online Video Advertising for the Holidays--What's the Right Approach?
The Current Buzz: Check Out How Photoshop Rearrranges A Model's Body
RTB To Reach $3.3B In U.S.
NSA Freely Accesses Data Between Yahoo, Google
The Psychology Of Online
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Wednesday, Oct. 30, 2013
Google's Photo Revolution Hints At Content Strategy
Web Media Influences Half Of Store Sales
Whatever Happened To The Web Analytics Industry?
Klout Score Becomes Trigger For Twitter Tweets In Broadcast Television, Paid Media
Google Smartwatch Taking Shape
Machine Translation: 5 Keys To Delivering Relevant Global Content
54% Of Digital Ads Aren't Viewable, And Even 'Viewability' Is In A Black Box
The CMO's New Million-Dollar Slide (Not)
Tremor Announces New Performance Based Pricing Models
Young Sort-Of Affluents Plan To Spend Like Affluents
More Web Site Pages Won't Give Brands A Query Boost
The Google Penguin Recovery Process
Google Takes TV To Japan
Google Speeds Searches
Is RTB Ending Mobile Performance Advertising?
Meet Google Glass Part II
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Tuesday, Oct. 29, 2013
Google Glass Auctioned On eBay Despite Google Policy
Google Wants More Eyes Through The Looking Glass
Tech Resistance Slows Ad Innovation
How RFPs Reveal A Company's True Personality
Yelp Losses Widen In Q3 Despite Growth
DMA's New Lobbying Effort Centers On Data-Driven Marketing
No More Surveys: New Tool Offers Real-Time Consumer Insights
Is Google Building Floating Showcase For Glass?
Yeah, iPad Is Still The Defining Tablet
Mobile To Power Facebook Gains
Research Firm Lowers Expectations for NFC
Toddlers With Tablets: Lawmakers Say Research Could Lead To New Privacy Regs
Nextdoor Raises $60M, Focus On Neighborhood Business
Coming: More People Who Live In Google Glass
Nielsen: Big Ad Spenders Keep Wallets In Pockets
New Research Predicts How Newly Insured Hispanics Will Influence The Healthcare System
Programmatic: Using Data and Analytics To Drive Media Decisions
Back-To-School Shopping Season Offers A Lesson For The Holidays
Consumers Averaging $250 Mobile Holiday Shopping
Will Yandex Acquire An Israeli Co?
Best Of The Bunch Keyword Tools
Sprocket Media Debuts Digarati
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Monday, Oct. 28, 2013
Magnetic Creates Initiative To Protect Brand Marketers From Fraud
Fraud Control: It's Time For Advertisers To Demand Performance
Should Google Buy Twitter?
CAPTCHA As Native Advertising
Google's Secret Barge Project
CE Force Remains Strong This Holiday Season
Data Anxiety, 'Anemic' Carrier Support Lower NFC M-Payments Forecast
Time-Starved, Digitally Enabled, And Information-Entitled
Tips On Tracking Mobile Clicks
Dyle Tech Turns Mobile Devices Into Portable TVs
Nielsen To Track Phone, Tablet TV Viewing
Marketing Attribution Models Are Not A Magic Wand To Improve Sales
Vine Makes Two Small But Important Tweaks
Has Tech Bubble Returned?
New Research Predicts How Newly Insured Hispanics Will Influence The Healthcare System
Dollar General Beats Walmart
Is Google Building Floating Showcase For Glass?
LinkedIn Defends Intro Email Service
Affluents: Louis Vuitton Most Overrated; Nordstrom Least
Advanced Enhanced Paid-Search Tips
More Than Zero: SMG Creates New Consultancy Zero Dot
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Friday, Oct. 25, 2013
Search Spoils Me
Twitter Sets Pre-Market IPO Price, Focuses On Mobile, Content
MediaCrossing Raises $6 Million, Billed As New Ad, Agency Trading Partner
Affluents Spending More Online This Year
Developers Say Address-Book Uploads Didn't Hurt Consumers
Drawbridge Taps Ex-Google Exec
Marketing Attribution Models Are Not A Magic Wand To Improve Sales
Valuable Referrer Data
Facebook Shares Details On Building Graph Search
When You Just Want To Keep It To Yourself
Your End Of The Personalization Equation
Fed's Encryption Key Request Seen As Posing Major E-Commerce Risk
DPAA Bows First Multi-Network Campaign
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Thursday, Oct. 24, 2013
Google Inks MediaVest Deal, Eliminates Ambiguity In Online Ad Buys
Why Yandex Owns Russian Search Market
What Does Being "Online" Mean?
Big Data Generating Big Results For Marketers, But Not All Have Adopted It
Shut Up! Few Of Us Are Even On Speaking Terms With Siri
People Seek Deals; Dealers Should Seek Consumers
Is Place-Based Media The Next Mobile?
CPG Brands Struggle To Engage Online Audiences
Instagram Offers Sneak Peek At Ads
Microsoft Touting Paid-Search Ad Segmentation
Interactive Drives Media Growth
Target Introducing Digitally Driven Holiday Campaign
When To Switch To Google Universal Analytics
Most Marketers Maintaining Or Increasing Budgets, Report Finds
Publishers: Native Ads Should Look Like Editorial
What's A Hummingbird?
Google's Proxy Internet
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Wednesday, Oct. 23, 2013
Google Tests Image-Text Search Ads
Game On: Search Retargeting
Brand Loyalty Created From Customer Experiences
Zumobi Rolls Out Mobile Video Ad Unit
Mounds Of Data Failing To Improve Customer Service
Simplicity Is Key To Brand Success, Inspires Loyalty In Customers
FBX Prices Were Going Up Even Before Google Joined The Party...
Mobile Video Ads Now Available For Programmatic Buying Via Adelphic
Just Like TV, Akamai Research Says Those Ads in the Middle of Video Do Get Seen
Location Tracking Companies To Create Universal Opt-Out Page
Is Place-Based Media The Next Mobile?
As Real-Time Supply Expands, Prices Crash: Report Uncovers Rampant Net-Bot Fraud
B2B Search Tips To Prepare For Q1 2014
LinkedIn Updates iPad, Pulse Apps, Launches 'Intro'
Mobile Marketers Must Better Optimize On-The-Go Users
Brands, Consumers Don't Agree On Value Of Marketing, But Consumers Connecting With Data-Driven Channels
Five Years of Change For Retail Marketers
The Measurement Problem
Foursquare Adds Analytics Tools For Publishers
Microsoft Speech Recognition For Bing Developers Arrives
How Businesses Waste Paid-Search Ad Budgets
Google Closes FlexyCore Acquisition
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Tuesday, Oct. 22, 2013
Google Launches Shopping Campaigns, Companion To PLAs
Mobile Is Different, (Duh) Smaller: But Size Has Many Implications
Yahoo Most Visited Web Site
Leading Retailers On YouTube Become More Visual
DG Debuts Tool To Detect Ad Display Fraud
Smartphone Shoppers Look for Convenience
Brands Bite Blog, Say Native Is Here To Stay
Well, Of Course Mobile Is Driving Digital Couponing ... Massively
Visible Measures Offers New In-Stream Ads, Video To Publishers
Insights Are For Brands, Data Is For Direct Response: The IMP Is Born
Global TV Ad Spend Up 4.2%, Internet Ads Skyrocket
For Word of Mouth, The Secret Sauce Lies In The South Taps Colbert As CRO
Rich Media, Better Targeting To Drive Mobile Advertising Spend To $39.3 Billion By 2018
Illinois Court Strikes Down Amazon Tax
Google Introduces Maps Engine Pro For Business
Google Project Shield Cyberattack Service
What's This? BroadSoft Partners With Google
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Monday, Oct. 21, 2013
Marin Labs Rolls Out Automation Technology To Enhance Ad Position
Automation Will Run Your Entire Ad Campaign
Marketing Lexicon: Lead Nurturing
Advertisers To Use Google Platform To Buy Facebook Ads
Why Mobile Should Be At The Heart Of Latino Consumer Marketing
Yahoo Snags 'NYT' Gadget Guru Pogue
Ogilvy & Mather Dubai Ad Campaign Shows Google Auto-Complete Bias
Wikia SVP Betka Positions The Company's Ad, Social Platform
Integration, The Internet Of Things Myth
Free WiFi Helps In-Store Sales
Socially Successful Neiman Marcus
Millennials' Video Consumption Is Like A Buffet
Facebook Adds Mobile Video, Publisher Features
Conversion Rate Optimization Tips SEMs Should Know
Facebook To Let Google Onto FBX
mobileStorm Provides Mobile Services for SK+G Roster Delivers 1B Pageviews
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Friday, Oct. 18, 2013
Prices On Paid-Search Ads Fall, But Google Still Profits
Marketers Prepare For Shortened Holiday Shopping Season
A Family Reunited In Google's "Homeward Bound"
Consumers Oppose Google's Bid To Appeal Ruling About Gmail Ads
What Hummingbird Means For SEO
Hummingbird's Influence On Content, Long-Tail Searches
Empathy And Authenticity In B2B Content Marketing
Microsoft Rolls Out New Ad Formats
CVS Unveils Personalized Circulars
MPAA Shuts Down Search Engine For Pirated Content
Vidyard & ExactTarget Partnership to Make it Easier to Add Video to Email
Pointdrive Releases Tool to Make Emails More Visually Appealing
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